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He plays small forward but he is called a 'point guard' because he runs the offense for his team a lot and has great ball handling and passing skills.

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Q: What is position LeBron James in the NBA?
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Who are the leading scorers in NBA currently?

LeBron James, LeBron james, Lebron James, and leBron James

What was LeBron James first team in the NBA?

Lebron James first team in the NBA was the Cleveland Cavaliers.

When did Lebron James go to the Nba finals?

Lebron James went to the NBA Finals in 2015 with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What was LeBron James age when he join the NBA?

Lebron James was 19 years old when he joined the NBA for the Cavaleirs

When did LeBron James enter the NBA?

LeBron James' first season in the NBA was the 2003-04 season.2003

Did lebron James go to the nba championship three times?

LeBron James has gone to the NBA championships six times.

How do you make LeBron James in NBA 2k11?

You can make a myplayer and name him LeBron James.

Who is the best small foward in the NBA?

Well that depends on your opinion. Lebron James, Paul Pierce, Rudy Gay, Carmelo Anthony, Richard Jefferson, are some of the best at that position. In my opinon the best small forward in the NBA is Lebron James followed closely by Carmelo Anthony.

What jobs did LeBron James have?

no Lebron James did not have a job,he went to collage than strate to the NBA

When did lebron James get drafted into the nba?

Lebron James was drafted in 2003 the first pick in the draft.

How old was LeBron James when he entered the nba?

LeBron James started his career in the NBA in 2003. He was a first overall pick acquired by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Is LeBron James in NBA 2K3?

No Because NBA 2K3 wade made in 2002, lebron was drafted in 2003

Who is the worst in NBA?

LeBron James

How many championships has LeBron James go to in the nba?

LeBron James has been to the NBA Finals a total of 3 times and won 1 of those times.

Did lebron James ever play point guard position?

Yes, he did in his rookie year of the NBA and in community basketball as a young kid.

What college did LeBron James go to?

lebron James didnt go to collage he skiped collage and when to the NBA

Is Lebron James a boy or girl?

LeBron James is in the NBA.......NOT the WNBA

Did LeBron James attend Notre Dame?

No, LeBron James went straight from high school to the NBA.

How old was LeBron James when he started?

When LeBron James was first drafted to the NBA, he was eighteen years old.

When did Lebron James go to the NBA?

LeBron James went to the NBA Finals in 2015 with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Which NBA player avgeraged the most in the NBA Finals?

Lebron James

Who is the 2009 NBA MVP?

LeBron James was the 2009 NBA MVP.

Does LeBron James have any pets?

LeBron James does not have any known pets. Lebron is very busy playing in the NBA and does not have time for pets.

Who travels a lot in the nba?

James harden and lebron james

Who is Lebron James?

Lebron is a professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA.