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POP:it stands for popular so pop sports mean popular sports

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Q: What is pop sports?
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How did sports music pop culture and arts help develope the 50s?

Sports, music, pop culture, and arts, helped develop the 50s by helping to heal the world from the effects of World War 2.

Why do you drink an electrolyte sports drink instead of pop?

Electrolyte sport drinks hydrate your body, while pop does not. Sports drinks restore your body's nutrients and water and all of that stuff that you sweat out. Also, pop seems to make you vomit while doing intense workout.

How much pop or sports drinks should you have daily?

3 or less

How do you do a power shot in Wii sports tennis?

You have to press the A button and after you do that you have to pop your wrist when you swing and that is how you can do it.

How many kernels are in a bag of pop secret popcorn?

ea sports

What is los premios juventud?

its a spanish youth award show that focuses on music, pop culture, sports, and films.

What news does AOL offer other than sports?

AOL offers a wide variety of news categories besides sports. AOL news contains information regarding current events, finances, sports, pop culture, and many other topics.

Can you pop your cherry any other way on purpose?

Some stressful activities are known to, under some circumstances, to "pop your cherry," such as sports. As for an intentional way, one could have surgery or just have sex.

What sound does popcorn make?


Can you pop your cherry playing sports?

If you mean breaking your hymen then yes, it is a fragile membrane and not difficult to split. The term "pop your cherry" more commonly simply means losing your virginity in modern language rather than explicity breaking your hymen. Whilst this too technically could happen whilst playing sports it is more challenging.

Is bone cancer related to joints popping?

Not that I know of If it is then I have bone cancer My joints pop all the time because I used to play sports

What are the top ten pop warner teams in the nation?

BRAZORIA JAGUARS!!!!!!! Greater Brazoria Youth Sports Association in Alvin/Manvel Tx!!!

What exercise will pop your cherry?

There isn't one exercise you could do to "break" your hymen. Your hymen can "break" during many activities including sports.

I can pop out my shoulder blade is it common?

it really depends on how careful you are when you are playing sports or not- you should go to the doctors and get it checked out I'm not a doctor so I'm not accurate - speaking of sports if you have ever changed the position of your shoulder blade it would be normal.

Is popping your back good for you?

In a medical sense? Not really. However is acts of stretching pop your back that does mean your range of movement will likely increase. Which is handy if you play sports.

Why are the people that answer these questions such nerds?

Because one is automatically a nerd if one knows about more then the sports results the latest pop tunes and popular opinion as dictated this week.

Who is pop pop?

Pop pop is Bob bob

What if a pop star is not pop?

well if a pop star is not pop they are not a pop star there a singer

When was Pop-pop created?

Pop-pop was created in 2002.

When did Pop-pop happen?

Pop-pop happened in 2002.

Types of pop music?

There are a variety of types of pop music. These include indie pop, Latin pop, c-pop, pop rock, as well as pop punk.

Is it pop or pop genres?

It is pop

Why is pop named pop?

Pop means popular.Therefor pop is popular music.Duh!

What are the top 100 US cities?

# New York, New York (pop 8,213,839) # Los Angeles, California (pop 3,847,059) # Chicago, Illinois (pop 2,842,753) # Houston, Texas (pop 2,117,937) # Phoenix, Arizona (pop 1,469,794) # Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (pop 1,456,350) # San Antonio, Texas (pop 1,263,598) # San Diego, California (pop 1,257,328) # Dallas, Texas (pop 1,216,264) # San Jose, California (pop 915,668) # Detroit, Michigan (pop 883,465) # Jacksonville, Florida (pop 783,043) # Indianapolis, Indiana (pop 782,871) # Hempstead, New York (pop 750,244) # San Francisco, California (pop 741,025) # Columbus, Ohio (pop 729,748) # Austin, Texas (pop 691,263) # Memphis, Tennessee (pop 669,864) # Baltimore, Maryland (pop 636,377) # Fort Worth, Texas (pop 623,119) # Charlotte, North Carolina (pop 616,075) # El Paso, Texas (pop 598,240) # Boston, Massachusetts (pop 596,638) # Washington, District of Columbia (pop 582,049) # Milwaukee, Wisconsin (pop 576,336) # Seattle, Washington (pop 575,884) # Denver, Colorado (pop 558,663) # Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee (pop 548,286) # Las Vegas, Nevada (pop 544,958) # Portland, Oregon (pop 533,467) # Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (pop 530,992) # Tucson, Arizona (pop 515,610) # Albuquerque, New Mexico (pop 494,477) # Atlanta, Georgia (pop 476,483) # Long Beach, California (pop 474,307) # Brookhaven, New York (pop 471,475) # Fresno, California (pop 461,454) # New Orleans, Louisiana (pop 452,170) # Sacramento, California (pop 451,743) # Cleveland, Ohio (pop 450,560) # Kansas City, Missouri (pop 444,314) # Mesa, Arizona (pop 442,381) # Virginia Beach, Virginia (pop 437,021) # Omaha, Nebraska (pop 414,447) # Oakland, California (pop 395,864) # Miami, Florida (pop 386,619) # Tulsa, Oklahoma (pop 381,479) # Honolulu, Hawaii (pop 376,879) # Minneapolis, Minnesota (pop 372,674) # Colorado Springs, Colorado (pop 369,156) # Arlington, Texas (pop 362,530) # Wichita, Kansas (pop 355,029) # St. Louis, Missouri (pop 352,572) # Raleigh, North Carolina (pop 342,812) # Santa Ana, California (pop 340,865) # Anaheim, California (pop 333,229) # Cincinnati, Ohio (pop 331,310) # Islip, New York (pop 329,043) # Tampa, Florida (pop 325,800) # Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (pop 316,299) # Toledo, Ohio (pop 301,728) # Aurora, Colorado (pop 296,861) # Oyster Bay, New York (pop 296,820) # Bakersfield, California (pop 295,769) # Riverside, California (pop 290,417) # Stockton, California (pop 287,069) # Corpus Christi, Texas (pop 282,972) # Newark, New Jersey (pop 280,007) # Buffalo, New York (pop 279,138) # Anchorage, Alaska (pop 275,474) # St. Paul, Minnesota (pop 275,084) # Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky (pop 267,929) # Plano, Texas (pop 250,654) # St. Petersburg, Florida (pop 248,365) # Fort Wayne, Indiana (pop 247,000) # Glendale, Arizona (pop 243,144) # Jersey City, New Jersey (pop 239,395) # Lincoln, Nebraska (pop 239,196) # Greensboro, North Carolina (pop 233,459) # Henderson, Nevada (pop 232,014) # Chandler, Arizona (pop 231,728) # Norfolk, Virginia (pop 230,775) # Birmingham, Alabama (pop 230,726) # Scottsdale, Arizona (pop 227,584) # North Hempstead, New York (pop 222,656) # Madison, Wisconsin (pop 221,545) # Baton Rouge, Louisiana (pop 221,148) # Hialeah, Florida (pop 220,611) # Chesapeake, Virginia (pop 218,219) # Garland, Texas (pop 216,478) # Babylon, New York (pop 215,852) # Orlando, Florida (pop 213,250) # Akron, Ohio (pop 210,771) # Chula Vista, California (pop 210,563) # Lubbock, Texas (pop 209,946) # Rochester, New York (pop 209,662) # Laredo, Texas (pop 208,935) # Modesto, California (pop 206,885) # Reno, Nevada (pop 205,794) # Durham, North Carolina (pop 204,680)

In the film Ernest Goes To Jail Ernest make a machine gun made of what?

pop sickles pop sickles pop sickles pop sickles pop sickles pop sickles pop sickles

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