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That means the team has released or 'cut' the player.

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Q: What is placed on waivers in basketball?
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Is the ring placed in the middle of the basketball board?

No, the ring is not placed in the middle of the backboard of a basketball hoop.

Who should i sign from waivers on fantasy basketball nick young or Jordan crawford?

nick young, his game is more complete

Can a baseball player be recalled from waivers?

Yes, but based on the type of waivers the player is placed on. There are waivers solely for the purpose of granting a player his unconditional release. These waivers are not revocable and any player placed on these waivers cannot be recalled if they are claimed by another team. If no team claims the player he becomes a free agent. There are waivers for granting a player his outright release. A player cannot be recalled from these waivers if claimed but, if the player is not claimed, the team can assign him to the minor leagues. If the player refuses the assignment he becomes a free agent. There are waivers used for trading players after the MLB trading deadline of each season. A team places a player on these waivers after they have received interest in the player from another team. They hope the team showing the interest is the team that wins the claim so they can make a trade. This trade must be made within two days of the claim and, generally, the player is traded for a minor leaguer or a player to be named later. If the player is claimed by a team that hasn't shown interest in the player, the team may recall the player from waivers. But they can only do this once per season. If the player's team decides to place the player on trade waivers again and any team claims him, they cannot withdraw him a second time and lose him to the claiming team.

What are waivers in baseball?

Waivers is the term used when a team no longer wants a player. Click on the 'Waivers in Baseball' link on this page to get a better understanding of how waivers work.

Which current basketball players attended University of Northern Iowa?

In the NBA, only Jordan Eglseder of the Houston Rockets, but he is on waivers as of 11/8/10.

Can a player be in a lineup if on waivers?

Yes. While a player is on waivers he's still on his team's roster and is therefore available to play just as he would be if not on waivers.

Do material and labor supplier lien waivers need to be notarized in Illinois?

It depends, typically in Illinois, material lien waivers do not need to be notarized, however contractor lien waivers (where labor was performed) will require a notary.

What was placed are the basketball court to protect the spectators?

Early basketball games were played with a cage around the court, giving rise to the term 'cagers' that is used to describe a basketball player.

How were the celtics founded?

Actually, Celtics are from BAA (Basketball Association of America) where they are placed in NBA.

What is a basketball goal?

goal? as in hoop? To stand straight and 10" tall, and be round so the ball can go in it.

What rhymes with waivers?

favors, flavors, savors

What is the time deadline to clear waivers in baseball?

the deadline to clear waivers in baseball is whenever you feel like doing so. even if you never clear your waiverthing