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Q: What is pitching distance for major league?
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What is the pitching distance in bronco?

The pitching distance in Bronco Baseball is 48 feet. Bronco is a division within Pony baseball. Major League Baseball uses a distance of 60 feet, 6 inches.

How far is major league distance from home plate to the pitching mound?

The distance is 60 feet 6 inches from the back of home plate to the front of the pitcher's rubber.

Bronco pitching distance?

In Pony League, the distance from the rubber to the back of home plate is 54 feet. In Little League it is 46 feet and in high school (as well as college & pro) it is 60' 6".

What is the pitching distance in girls softball 10 yrs under in Cal Ripken league?

what is the pitching distance for ten and under softball?

Willie mays pitching?

There are no records of Willie Mays pitching at the Major League level.

How long is the slope of a major league pitching mound?


What is the Distance of a pitching rubber in farm league?

From high school on, it is 60' 6".

Who has the second longest pitching career in major league?

tom seaver

Was submarine pitching ever banned in major league baseball?


Did Tommy john have the second longest major league pitching career?


How do you translate pitching speed from little league to major league?

In general, add aboout 20 mph because you are calculating the different pitching lengths. Little league pitchers throw from 45 feet, major leaguers throw from 60.5 feet. For example, a little league pitcher throwing a 70 mph pitch is equivalent to a major league player throwing about a 90 mph pitch.

What is the distance of a pitching rubber to home plate in little league?

7U and 10U - 35ft.