What is pickering high school mascot?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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The mascot for pickering high school in leesville, la is the red devil

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Q: What is pickering high school mascot?
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Miami High School Has what for a mascot?

miami high school mascot is a sting

Who is the mascot for Cleveland High?

* Grover Cleveland High School, Reseda, Los Angeles, California , Mascot: Cavaliers * Cleveland High School, Seattle, Washington, Mascot: Eagle * Cleveland High School, Portland Oregon, Mascot: Warriors

What is the mascot for cascade high school?

The mascot for Cascade High School in Everett, Washington are the Bruins. It is the school of pride that was established in 1964.

What is the mascot of acorn high school in arkansas?

Acorn High School is a public high school in Mena, Arkansas for grades 7 to 12. Their school mascot is a tiger.

What is the mascot lane tech high school?

The Indians is their mascot.

What is the mascot for Santa Monica high school?

Their mascot is a viking.

What was the mascot for Richards High School when D-Wade when there?

When D-Wade went to Richards High School there school mascot was a bulldog.-kcoulter

Is Saint Mary high school an all girls school?

in pickering it's not

Which high school has the unicorn as its mascot?

The High school which toots the Unicorn as its mascot is New Braunfels High School located in New Braunfels Texas. The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham, North Carolina also has the unicorn as its school mascot.

What is the La Quinta's school mascot?

La Quinta High School's mascot is the Black Hawk.

What is the Mascot for South Gate High School in California?

The Mascot is a Ram

What is the mascot of Acorn High in Arkansas?

The tiger is the sports mascot of Acorn High School in Arkansas