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the process of involving people of various backgrounds int he planning, construction and maintainance of various works is called peoples participation.

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Q: What is peoples participation?
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Why is people's participation in regional development important?

Peoples participation in regional development is important because of several reasons. Those reasons include community development, strategizing, problem solving, and stimulating progress.

Is there any difference between public participation citizen participation community participation civil participation and civic participation?

Self Interest :) apex

How does government determine citizen participation?

autocratic: low or no participation can cause government power to rise and citizen participation to decrease. oligarchic: low or no participation in the government can cause government power to rise & select citisen's participation but general citizen's participation to decrease. Democracy: low or no participation can cause government power and citizen participation to increase. that is how a gov determines citizen participation

When gender relations and class relations come together in peoples lives which category of women is likely to have the highest sport participation rate?

Women from upper-income households are the most likely to participate in sports.

What actors and actresses appeared in Deutschlandgeschichten - 1979?

The cast of Deutschlandgeschichten - 1979 includes: Barmo as Participation Uwe Kluth as Participation Ernst Ludwig as Participation Ursula Mahnke as Participation Paul Tinzmann as Participation

What is team participation?

Team participation is working with members of a team and helping your team reach their goal. Team participation requires cooperation and active participation.

Why is participation popular?

why is participation popoler

What is the advantages and disadvantages of participation approach?

Participation is a great thing in society it is just what type of "participation" that you mean. If it is participating in the fact that you are "having a go' then that would be an advantage of participation!

What is the significance of participation in urban management?

Significance of participation in urban management Significance of participation in urban management

What is the participation rate in US?

Participation rate of what.

Do you say We look forward to your participation or We look forwards to your participation?

The proper thing to say is 'We look forward to your participation.' We look forwards to your participation is incorrect. A person looks forward versus forwards.

Which studies compared the effects of participation verses no participation in organizational change endeavors in the 1940s?

Which studies compared the effects of participation vs. no participation in organizational change endeavors in the 1940's?

What are the methods of participation in participative management?

There are various groups of managerial decisions that have a direct impact on the employmees of an organisaiton. These decisions are the social, personnel and the economic decisions. However, there are other methods that are affeted by the participation of workers. The methods are as follow: 1. participation at the board level 2. participation through ownership 3. participation through complete control 4.participation through staff or work councils 5. participation through joint council and committes 6. participation through collective bargaining 7. participation through job enlargement and job enrichment 8. participation through suggestion scheme 9. participation through quality circles 10. empowered teams 11. total quality management 12. financial participation

What part of speech is the word participation?

Participation is a noun.

What is the Participation in database?

Participation (or optionality) concerns the involvement of entities i a relationship. Participation is about exceptions to the rule. An entity's participation is optional if there is a least one instance of an entity which does not participate in the relationship. An entity participation is mandatory if all instances of an entity must participate in the relationship.

Format of Conference participation certificate?

at of Conference participation certificate?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of community participation?

list some benefit of community participation

Why is civic and political participation is important?

Civic and political participation is important so that decisions are not made by a few people. Participation by the masses insures greater freedom.

What was the reason for Filipino participation in the Battle of Mactan?

because of the navigator/ conquistador ferdinand magellan's encroachment of the filipines as usual looking for gold in the name of the king of spain. the aboriginal peoples at that time were called mactan indians before they were called filipinos.

What impact does the internet play in citizen participation in government?

it increases participation

What was the colonial participation in the Parliament?

No participation and that was the major complaint against the crown.

What is a definition of conventional political participation?

Conventional political participation is political participation that attempts to influence the political process through well-accepted, often moderate, forms of persuasion.

When was Movement of Popular Participation created?

Movement of Popular Participation was created in 1989.

What is the definition of the word participation?

The definition of the word 'participation' is 'an act of taking part in an activity or an act of sharing in an activity'. Some of the synonyms for 'participation' are cooperation, aid and attendance.

What is the participation of political parties in democratic process?

They cannot function without citizen participation