What is pebbled ice?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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When water droplets form they make bumps on the ice. This is pebbled ice. It reduces the amount of friction between the ice and the stone because the stone isn't making as much contact with the surface of the sheet (playing field.)

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Q: What is pebbled ice?
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Before each curling match, the ice is "pebbled" by spraying drops of hot water on the ice. The drops freeze within a few seconds and make the ice surface bumpy (about 1 bump per every square centimeter of ice). Quality pebble is one of the keys to modern finesse-based curling. It allows the rocks to slide down the ice much more easily and act more consistently than if the ice were simply smooth like a mirror. It also gives particles of debris a place to hide so that they don't run under the rock and cause the rock to do strange things. Wearing-down of the pebble is an important factor in strategy, as it causes the behavior of the rocks to change as a game goes on. For example, rocks may act differently on the right side vs. left side of the sheet if significantly more rocks have been thrown on one side vs. the other.

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What is the playing surface in curling called?

The playing area is called a "sheet" of ice, so a curling club with 4 playing areas is said to have 4 sheets. The actual ice surface is different than normal hockey/figure skating ice in that it has tiny bumps all over, called the "pebble," that reduce the friction between the ice and the 42 lb granite stones.

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No, the word 'pebbles' is both a noun (pebble, pebbles) and a verb (pebble, pebbles, pebbling, pebbled).The noun 'pebbles' is the plural form of the singular noun 'pebble'; a word for a small, rounded stone that has been smoothed by flowing water or sand; a word for a thing.The verb 'pebbles' is the third person, singular, present of the verb to pebble; meaning to pelt with small rounded stones; to pave or cover with small rounded stones; to make a surface similar to a surface of small rounded stones.The adjective forms of the verb to pebble are pebbled and pebbling.