What is pass counterfeited?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Pass counterfeited

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Q: What is pass counterfeited?
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Can goods be counterfeited?

Everything can be counterfeited.

Can a Kirby game be counterfeited?


What is the most counterfeited us coin?

A very good question. All key-date collectible coins have been counterfeited for many years, that's the simple answer. As to the most, all one & three dollar gold coins struck by the US have been counterfeited and all Trade Dollars also.

Is there a paper trail when something is authenticated?

There should be, but that can be counterfeited too.

What is the definition ofFalsifiable?

Capable of being falsified, counterfeited, or corrupted.

What denomination currency is the most frequently counterfeited in the US?


Is a coin fake if it does not have a date?

Need more info since they aren't counterfeited.

Is there any value in old counterfeited coins?

Not really, except for the melt value of whatever metals they contain.

What is brett hull rookie card worth?

40-60 dollars depending on condition.....Beware....Highly Counterfeited Card

Did the British use counterfeited money during the revolutionary war?

Yes. The British issued counterfeit Continental money during the Revolutionary War.

Why was paper money more artistic back then and not now?

The artistic designs used on some currency were considered too easily counterfeited since the counterfeiter could make numerous errors and because of the complex design those errors would be difficult to notice. A simpler design, while easily counterfeited as well, does not conceal the errors as well as the older complex designs.

What is the worth of illegally forged 1913 liberty nickel?

Coins are struck, not forged, unless by "forged" you mean "counterfeited". There's more information at the Related Question.