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The Saints symbol is a "fleur-de-lis," or "flower of the lily." It's a heraldic device that goes back to the royal families of France.

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Q: What is painted on the New Orleans Saints playing field?
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What university stadium was the New Orleans Saints first home field?

Tulane Stadium

Tom Dempsey's sixty-three yard field goal was kicked against which team?

1970 ... November 8 against the Detroit Lions on the last play of the game to give the Saints a 19-17 win. Click on the "Tom Dempsey 63 yard field goal" link under the Related Links heading below to view a clip of the last few seconds of the game and the field goal.

In what city is the Louisiana Superdome?

The Superdome is the home field of the New Orleans Saints, and is located in downtown New Orleans, LA.

What two teams have the home field advantage for the entire NFL playoffs?

The New Orleans Saints in the NFC and the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC.

Where is the saints Super Bowl trophy?

The new Orleans saints Super Bowl trophy is at their training camp on airline hwy. In Jefferson parish La. ( Outside new Orleans) The new Orleans saints practice ficalitys and training camp are also in Jefferson parish. La. The only thing they are assocated with in the city is their home field,the Louisiana super dome. Now the ( mercedes dome) H20JOE

Was there a movie that had a QB from the New Orleans Saints die playing the Dallas Cowboys?

doubt itIn fact there was a movie that had a QB from the New Orleans Saints get crushed by the Dallas Cowboys in the final sceneStarred Charlton Hestonfrom One was an American film released in 1969 by United Artists and directed by Tom Gries.The film starred Charlton Heston as Ron "Cat" Catlan, aging quarterback for the New Orleans Saints and Jessica Walter as his wife. Musician Al Hirt plays himself, as do several real-life members of the 1968 Saints. The football scenes were shot at the Saints' then-home field, Tulane Stadium.

Did the Dallas Cowboys win against the New Orleans Saints today 12-23-12?

No. The Saints won in overtime, 34-31, on a 20-yard field goal by placekicker Garrett Hartley.

How many field goals were there in Super Bowl 2010?

There were four field goals total in the game: the Indianapolis Colts had one and the New Orleans Saints had three.

What sentence can you use for field?

The field of grain waved in the wind. The stars were sown on the blue field of the flag. The playing field was painted in bright colors. The field of horses had been narrowed down to two.

What song was playing when the saints ran on the field in the super bowl?

The song that was playing when they ran on to the field was Sirius by the Alan Parsons Project. This song was made popular by the Chicago Bulls in the early 90's.

Do the New Orleans Saints play on a grass field?

No, the surface the Saints play on in the Louisiana Superdome is called Sportexe Momentum (2006-Present) The Saints home field was grass for the first few years when they played in Tulane Stadium. Grass (1926-1970) PolyTurf (1971-1975) Then the move indoors to the Louisiana Superdome: AstroTurf (1975-2003) FieldTurf (2003-2006)

How many lines of symmetry does a football field have?

Ignoring the asymmetric drawings painted on the field (in the end zones, etc) depicting the teams playing, it has 2 lines of symmetry.