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Q: What is orographic lifting associated with?
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Orographic lifting is associated with?


What are three lifting mechanisms for air?

Convective, orographic, frontal lifting, and convergent.

What is most likely to cause orographic lifting a sandy beach a flowing river a rocky mountain a sand dune?

Mountains would cause orographic lifting.

What is most likely to cause orographic lifting?

the answre is a sandy beach beacause it causes erosion thus creating an orographic lifting

The term orographic refers to?

orographic lifting: the uplift of migrating air mass as it is forced to move upward over a mountain range.

What what is most likely to cause orographic lifting?

Sandy beach

What happens when air is forced to rise up a mountainside?

orographic lifting.

Four mechanisms that cause air to rise on a regional are?

Orographic lifting

What are the main types of atmospheric lifting and precipitation?

Advective, orographic, convergent and frontal.

What is orographic lifting?

Orographic lifting occurs when an air mass is forced to rise over a topographic barrier, such as a mountain range. The rising air mass expands and cools, with water condensing and forming droplets as the temperature drops below the dew point.

How does orographic lifting affect climate change?

it affects the climate because the lifting makes the air cooler rather than warm

What are four mechanisms that cause air to rise?

four mechanisms that cause air to rise are orographic lifting,frontal wedging, convergence,and localized convective lifting

What is the name for rain formed by clouds rising over mountains and hills?

orographic lifting

What process produces rising air when mountains push air upward?

orographic lifting

The type of precipitation that is associated with hills and mountains is called?

Orographic Precipitation

What type of landform is commonly associated with orographic precipitation?

Orography is mountainous terrain. Orographic precipitation is precipitation formed when air is forced to rise over mountains or at least large hills.

Orographing lifting is associated with?


Why does it rain so much in Norway?

Because the clouds are sad there. BECAUSE of the prevalence of OROGRAPHIC LIFTING that takes place: The mountainous terrain of Norway allows for orographic lifting to occur. This is when cold air masses, which are always found at Norway's latitude, are forced to rise when they collide with a topographic barrier (in this case, mountainous ranges). The water vapors in the rising air masses then condense to form clouds as it reaches the lifting condensation level or the dew point. All the precipitation (i.e. rain) has their source in these clouds.

How do orographic lifting and frontal wedging act to force air to rise?

Orographic lifting: mountains bock air flow and the air is forced upward this usually causes clouds and rain on the windward side of the mountain and less rain on the leeward side.Frontal wedging: warm air and cold air collide, since warm air is less dense it is wedged upward. This causes a front that's usually rain.

The name Kunjarani Devi is associated with?

weight lifting

What is oragraphic rainfall?

The correct spelling is orographic rainfall instead of orographic rainfall. When moist air is lifted over a mountain by the wind, the result is orographic rainfall.

With which sport is the name Kunjarani Devi is associated?

Weight Lifting

Convectional and orographic are?

types of rainfall. orographic is commonly called relief rainfall.

Describe 4 processes that lift air masses?

Orographic lifting (mountain) Conditional/Absolute Instability Frontal Wedging (Cold, Warm Front) Convergence

What is orographic rain?

Orographic means 'associated with the presence of mountains'. Orographic rainfall is rain that occurs as moist air is forced to rise by mountain slopes. It is a common climate pattern in coastal mountains and mountains in the trade wind latitudes.Precipitation that results when moist air is lifted over a topographic barrier such as a mountain range.