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The flea flicker was invented by University of Illinois coach Bob Zupke. Zuppke intended the play to resemble "the quick flicking action of a dog getting rid of fleas."

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Q: What is origin of Flea Flicker in football?
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Why not use a Flea-Flicker play?

Flea flicker?

What playbooks are the flea flicker in ncaa 09 football?

There are a whole bunch In the South Carolina Ace formations

What is some football plays?

flea flicker, Fumble rusky, reverse, double reverse, half back option, Hail mary, screen, sweep, dive, scramble

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flea flicker

What did he mean by i will call you by the office and give you a flea flicker?

slap or punch or scolding

Are there trick plays in Madden 10?

Yes flea flicker and hb pass

How can you do the flea flicker on Madden 12?

You can find it in The SF playbook i-form pro at the end of the formation

Who was the RB that scored the winning touchdown against Alabama in 1965 on a flea flicker trick play?

Bob Taylor

How do you do the flea flicker on playstation2 on madden11?

You buy xbox, then you buy madden 11 for xbox, then u press LT

What is flicker ball?

A game. It is like a combination of football and basketball. You use a football, and try to score in the hoop.

Who ran the flea flicker in the Georgia Alabama football game in 1965?

Kirby Moore threw the ball to Pat Hodgson who then flicked it to Bob Taylor who ran for a 73 yard touchdown to bring the score to 17-16. Georgia converted the 2 point extra points to win 18-17!

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