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There are two halves in footy matches (45min each) unless it goes to extra time.

another rule is if you foul a person, you get yellow or red cards according to the strength of the foul.

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There are a lot of rules and definitions for blocking, depending on the player who is blocking, whether it is in the free blocking zone, whether the player is on the line of scrimmage or not, whether the player is on offense or defense.

The NFL rules are not publicly available, so getting specific answers may be difficult. I can give you NCAA rules, but I need a more specific answer so I don't have to type 8 pages on the various blocking rules for various positions, etc...

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Q: What is one rules for blocking in the NFL?
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Is it legal in NFL football for one player to drag another across the goal line?

"No player on offense may assist a runner except by blocking for him." -From NFL rules digest.

Is Crablocking legal?

Crab Blocking is legal in the free blocking zone at any level. Blocking below the waist is legal in college and NFL football.

Who is referred to as the best run blocking receiver in the NFL?

Hines Ward

What are the rules in the NFL?

See Web Links for NFL Rule book

Did the NFL change the rules about fumbles?


Where do you get information about American football offensive linemen blocking techniques?

google, nfl network

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Who is the best blocking wide receiver in NFL history?

Pfft... Hines Ward. What a dumb question...

What are Pop warner rules about cut blocking?

Pop Warner rules are the same as high school. CUT blocking is allowed in the FREE BLOCKING ZONE. A CUT block is a 1 on 1 block between and blocker and defender below the waist. A CHOP block is illegal. This is a block that is a HI/LO situation where it is 2 on 1.

How does the NFL make the rules?

Rules changes are made by the NFL Competition Committee, which has eight members made up of coaches and/or managers or various teams in the league.

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