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I'm a Basketball enthusiast and this made me think... I cannot think of a rule per say but i can think of a technique. The overhead pass. It is used in basketball to throw the ball down court, whereas in soccer, it is used to throw the ball inbounds. Hope this helped:)

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Q: What is one rule that is the same in basketball and soccer?
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What is one rule of basketball?

1 rule is you can not run with the ball

Is basketball better than soccer?

It depends what you think if you think soccer is better then pick soccer but if you think basketball is better then pick basketball. I a rep soccer player so I like soccer because I can score goals and go to tournaments.

What is one rule of soccer?

well there is not just one rule in football [soccer]. There is alot of rules like no rudnes,no punching and more. But there's are very important rule and that is NO HANDBALL

Which is the odd one out badminton basketball exercise soccer?


Which is the odd one out of exercise soccer badminton basketball?


One rule of basketball?

One rule of basketball is that you have to dribble the ball and never travel your feet because then you let the other team get a chance to take the ball.

What are some french sports?

i know soccer is one basketball aswell

What was the third sport made?

Football Basketball and Soccer ! You Pick One !

What was one rule of the sport basketball?

One rule of basketballis that you can't run with the ball in your handds without dribbling.

How many people watch college basketball?

no one, football (soccer) is better.

What sport is more expensive soccer or basketball and which one has more budgetl?

Basketball is more expensive and soccer has more budget, the NBA is in a lockout right now due to budget impacts

What is the number one sport in the US basketball or soccer?

In the US, basketball is more popular than soccer. The four major sports in the US are American football (NFL), baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA) and ice hockey (NHL).

What sports resemble soccer Why?

basketball, because its basically the same thing only one you use your feet the other you use your hand. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ice hockey, because it is exactly the same yet on ice.

What is the odd one out soccer badminton exercise basketball?

Badminton the rest use balls

Should you play basketball or soccer?

Whatever one you have more fun in or you can play both.

How many rules are there in the game of soccer?

Only one rule: Fair Play

Where does the comma go you like to play baseball basketball and soccer?

You like to play baseball, basketball andsoccer.Because you are using the word 'and' there is no need for a comma. If there were four sports there would be one extra comma.Example: You like to play baseball, basketball,soccer and football.

What are differences between soccer and basketball?

Soccer the ball goes through a two goal posts in to a net and in basketball you throw the ball into a net. im sure there are better explanations but this is just a basic one.

Why is soccer so important to Spain?

Because is as important as baseball and basketball for Americans. There is only one main sport in most of Europe: Soccer.

Does Justin Bieber like soccer?

Justin Bieber does like soccer. And soccer is one of the many sports he plays such as hockey, basketball, and track. But he said his favorite sport is hockey.

How do you play a soccer football?

Soccer, football, basketball and baseball is involved all in one game in Australia called Footy. Very fun game.

What is one rule for basketball?

if you jump up with the ball you must release it before you land

What is the typical sport in Uruguay?

Football (soccer) by far is the most popular one. Others are: basketball and tennis.

What is a better athletic sport soccer or basketball?

Soccer by far. The size of soccer fields are much bigger than basketball courts. Also the shape that soccer players are in beats the shape of some basketball players one to none. occer players also play for a total of 90 minutes while in basketball it is 48 minutes. ( In soccer only 3 players can be switched out leaving 8 players on the field for the whole game, where as in basketball you can switched out at anytime.) Soccer is a combination of speed, endurance, stamina, skill, and teamwork. It is also a sport that uses strategy, strength, and your mind to find the best pass or to get around a defender. Basketball is more of upper arm strength and how the NBA stars look, soccer is played internationally. Both sports take a lot of training and skill however soccer has many more long term benefits.

Does One Direction like basketball?

Idk but I know for sure they like soccer they alway play it while on tour:)