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I'm a Basketball enthusiast and this made me think... I cannot think of a rule per say but i can think of a technique. The overhead pass. It is used in basketball to throw the ball down court, whereas in soccer, it is used to throw the ball inbounds. Hope this helped:)

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Q: What is one rule that is the same in basketball and soccer?
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What sports are played at the basketball arena?

Soccer is one example

Is soccer better than basketball?

It depends what you think if you think soccer is better then pick soccer but if you think basketball is better then pick basketball. I a rep soccer player so I like soccer because I can score goals and go to tournaments.

How is soccer and basketball different?

its somewhat the same. Except in basketball we play on a court(wood, cement) and in soccer we play on field(mostly grass) and the major difference is in basketball we dribble(with hand) and in soccer we play with the foot. And of course the fouls are different.Hope that helped.

What is one rule of basketball?

1 rule is you can not run with the ball

What is one rule of soccer?

well there is not just one rule in football [soccer]. There is alot of rules like no rudnes,no punching and more. But there's are very important rule and that is NO HANDBALL

Which is the odd one out badminton basketball exercise soccer?


Which is the odd one out of exercise soccer badminton basketball?


What are some french sports?

i know soccer is one basketball aswell

What was the third sport made?

Football Basketball and Soccer ! You Pick One !

What sports did people in Uruguay play?

Football (soccer) by far is the most popular, then basketball. A third one would be very far from the second one in popularity, could be tennis.

What was one rule of the sport basketball?

One rule of basketballis that you can't run with the ball in your handds without dribbling.

What sport is more expensive soccer or basketball and which one has more budgetl?

Basketball is more expensive and soccer has more budget, the NBA is in a lockout right now due to budget impacts