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Jackie Robinson was the first afaican to play major leaque Baseball

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Q: What is one interesting fact about Jackie Robinson?
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How many did sisters Jackie Robinson have?

Jackie Robinson had one sister named Willa Mae.

Is Jacky Robinson same as Jackie Robinson?

depends on what one you are talking about

Why did Jackie Robinson go to jail?

Jackie Robinson went to jail because he spent one night in jail

What did Jackie Robinson do that no one else did?

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play major league baseball.

In the book 'In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson' what was something that was not what it seemed?

In the book "In The Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson" Jackie Robinson did receive a key from Shirley in the book but did not receive one in reality

Jackie Robinson early life?

how was Jackie Robinson early life well he had a pretty bad one him and his family had sruggles

Was Jackie Robinson the only one to brake the color barrior?

yes, jackie robinson did brake the color barrior of baseball

What is one interesting fact about paper?

One interesting fact about paper is that it comes from trees.

What is one interesting fact about Eris?

what is one interesting fact about eris? it is a dwarf planet

How many MVPs did Jackie Robinson have?

One, in the 1949 season.

How did Jackie Robinson contribute to American history?

Jackie Robinson contribute to the African American history by being the one breaking the color barrier on baseball.

Where were Jackie Robinson's parents born?

Jackie Robinson was born in a place of the America's and then his parents was born in da on place wit that one hospital. in tht one state in America! (:

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