What is off-campus?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Usually "off-campus" refers to a living situation while enrolled in college. When a student lives "on-campus" they live in a dorm or other type of housing on the school's property. "Off-campus" living is when the student lives away from campus; usually in a run-down apartment, or a old house with several room mates :) You shoud check out How's your Housing is a socio-academic utility that helps college students make educated decisions about where to live.

By combining an extensive amount of geographic information directly from social networking data, it gives you virtual snapshots of the location's pro's and cons.

How's your Housing allows you access to post and read about EVERY house previously rented and EVERY Dorm at most campuses and lets you compare the prices, parking information, neighborhood information, neighborly relations, crime, and rental histories in the new place you are about to choose to live in.

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Q: What is off-campus?
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What does offcampus mean?

means off campus on not on the school land.

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