What is npower?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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npower is a level headed, feet on the ground energy supplier. Owned by RWE. The other energy suppliers are a mixture of either arrogant indifference or quasi religious fervour, there no middle ground with them. Npower supply energy, reasonable customer service and no false enthusiasm for being your newest best friend. They simply deliver what it says on the tin, refreshing after the two extremes of arrogance and coldness and well meant over nice inclusitivity of the other 5.

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Q: What is npower?
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What is the population of RWE npower?

The population of RWE npower is 11,501.

When was RWE npower created?

RWE npower was created in 2000.

What does NPower stand for?

NPower is a British electricity and gas supply company headquartered in Swindon, England. NPower stands for National Power.

What does npower rwe means?

"npower" refers to a British energy company that was once a subsidiary of RWE, a German electric utilities company. RWE was the parent company of npower until its acquisition by E.ON in 2019.

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What country is npower located in?

Npower is located in the UK ( the United Kingdom ), otherwise known as Great Britain. It is located in the continent of Europe, in the Northwest area.

Where might one learn more about NPower Business practices?

You can get a variety of opinions on NPower's Business practices by visiting NPower's own web site or by checking them on almost any UK newspaper site. Some sites that have good reviews of this item are; The Sun, The Guardian, or The Telegraph.

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