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Q: What is niall horan's favourite hockey team?
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What is niall horans favourite Ed sheeran song?

Kiss Me & A Team

What is Niall Horans fav baseball team?


What is Niall Horans favourite football team?

He supports derby so i'm guessing Niall James Horan of westmeath,mulinger,Ireland's favorite team is derby

What is Taylor lautner favorite hockey team?

Taylor lautner's favourite hockey team is red wings

Dose Justin bieber cheer for the Calgary Flames?

No, Justin Bieber's favourite hockey team is the Toronto Maple Leafs.

What are one directions favourite hockey team?

its the awesome its spots singing are-real band name is 4 British dudes and one Mexican

How old Cary price from the Montreal Canadiens hockey team?

he is totally my favourite player he is 21 yrs old and soon will be 22 in august

How do you watch live nhl hockey on the web in the uk as ESPN player no longer shows it?

go to your favourite team's site and watch the stream

Canada hockey team what does it mean?

Canada hockey team means it is a Canadian hockey team.

What football team does Niall support?

The football team Niall supports is from Ireland (obviously :)), Derby County.

What is one direction favourite football team?

Harry's favorite baseball team is New York Yankees Liam's favorite team is Red Sox Louie's favorite team is the Cardinals Niall's favorite team is the Cardinals Zayn's favorite team is Orioles

Which is grammatically correct our school doesn't have a girls hockey team OR our school doesn't have a girls' hockey team?

The plural possessive is: girls' hockey team (a hockey team for girls).