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23 million

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Q: What is nfl quarterback todd Collins career earnings?
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When was Todd Collins - quarterback - born?

Todd Collins - quarterback - was born on 1971-11-05.

Who played quarterback in the redskins 2007 playoff game?

Todd collins

Who was the 2005 second string quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs?

Todd Collins.

Who was the Buffalo Bills quarterback after Jim kelley?

Todd Collins succeeded Jim Kelly as the Buffalo Bills Starting Quarterback.

Who was the starting quarterback for the bills after Jim kelly retired in the 1997 nfl season?

The answer is Todd Collins

Is Todd Collins Kerry Collins brother?


When was Todd Collins - linebacker - born?

Todd Collins - linebacker - was born on 1970-05-27.

What is todd Collins salary?


What are Todd Collins's parents name?

Todd's parents names are John and Gerta

Who was the Ohio state quarterback after troy smith?

Todd Boeckman

Who did Peyton Manning replace at quarterback as a freshman?

Todd helton

Who was the USC quarterback drafted by Raiders?

Todd Marinovich in 1991.