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WikiAnswers does not provide personal phone numbers.

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Q: What is neymar mobile number?
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What is the phone or mobile number of Neymar?

WikiAnswers does not give out private information. Phone numbers are private information.

What is neymar jr phone number?

neymar's phone number

What number is neymar?

neymar number is number 11 (in FC Barcelona) and number 10 (Brazil)

What number did Neymar wear in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Neymar wore jersey number 10 in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

What is Neymar kit number?


Who on the Brazil football team wears number 11 in?


Is neymar and neymar jr the same person?

no neymar is the father i think and neymar jr is the son i think

Who is Barcelona player now wears number 11 jersey?


What is Neymar's bloodgroup?

Neymar Blood Group B+

Neymarjr new phone number?

Neymar Jr does not give out his personal phone number to the general public.

Where can you buy a Santos fc home jersey with neymar? they are number 1

Who is Neymar girlfriend?

Neymar is single

What is the birth name of Neymar?

Neymar's birth name is Neymar da Silva Santos Jnior.

How do you change your mobile number and register a new mobile number?

Mobile phones

Who is better Cristiano ronaldo or neymar?

Cristiano Ronaldo for now, Neymar will be soon Neymar's only 19

When was Neymar born?

Neymar was born on February 5, 1992

What is the name of Neymar's father?

Brazilian football player Neymar's father is Neymar da Silva, Sr.

What schools did neymar attend?

education of neymar

What is neymar jr first name?


Who is Neymar's wife?

Neymar does not have a wife, for now.

Who is better neymar or Fernando Torres?

its neymar

How is the fastest between Neymar and Ronaldo?


Is neymar from Brazil?

yes neymar is from brazil

What is Neymar Jr's First Name?


What is neymar jrs first name?