What is netball screening?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Screening is where an attacker blocks the path or view of the defender in order to complete an attacking move.


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Q: What is netball screening?
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What is a regional screening in netball?

A regional screening is when netball players from around the region (for example South Yorkshire) are invited to go to an event where they will play games against other players. From these players (depending on how well you play) they will pick a certain amount of players and they will then be invited to do extra training sessions and represent their region in competitions.

What is the venue for netball?

you play netball on a netball court :)

Can you get a website with Netball?

You can go onto netball websites like netball Australia and district netball, too.

What equpment do you need for netball?

two netball posts netball pitch one netball two umpires

What year was netball made?

Netball was invented in 1892 but was called Women's Basketball not Netball.

What can you play netball on?

a netball court

Is there geometry in netball?

no geoetry in netball

What is the local body of netball?

local netball is basiclly netball played in your local area.

Similarities of netball and fast netball?

I play netball and i dnt think there is even a "fast netball". But if there is i guess it would all be the same but, faster:\

How do you spell netball in french?

Netball is not a word in french because it is not played in France. If someone were to refer to netball they would just call it "netball".

What is macro screening and micro screening?

mikro screening

Is netball for lesbians?

Of course netball is for lesbians.