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You need a volley ball and a net + people

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Q: What is needed to play volley ball?
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What equipment is needed to play volley ball?

all you need is a volley ball net a court and a ball and about 7 players

What to volley the ball means?

VOLLEY BALL means the action of keeping the ball in play

Do ethiopians play volley ball?

yes, Ethiopians play volley ball but there are not widely known by it.

What is ball in play in volley ball?

When the ball is in the air and still alive

Do weight matter to play volley ball?


How do you say you like volley ball in french?

Volley, volley-ball

A volley or play continues until?

the ball hits the ground.

Does Rihanna play sport?

yes she plays volley ball!

Do the Germans play volley ball?

Yes the whole world does

Professional athlete that play volley ball?

Todd Rogers

Who is the first person to play volley ball?

yolandie sufia was the first player that played volleyball. she was also the person that invented volley-ball.

What is Weight and size of volley ball?

what is a ball circumfrance in volley ball

How do you say volley-ball in Quebec?

volley ball in quebec

How do player rotate when playing a volley ball game?

they just turn themselves around very slowly.(i have seen my bff play volley ball)

How do you spell volley ball in French?

It is spelled the same, le volley or le volley-ball.

What games involve serve and volley?

Serve and volley is a term used in tennis. Serve and volley play is a style of play in which the player serves the ball, then moves quickly towards the net.

Did Taylor swift play volley ball?

She might know how to play but shes not a pro

In tennis what is the name of the play when the ball doesnt hit the floor?


What muscles do you use when you play volley ball?

Your forearms, shoulders, and legs.

What to wear when you play volley ball?

shorts tshirt and hair up

What are the main sports that they play in the country Turkey?

Soccer and Volley ball

What are Coretta Scott kings hobbies?

she liked to swim and play soft ball and volley ball

What sort of games you can play on a court?

badminton volley ball basketball pickle ball hand ball tennis

What is the difference between a half volley and volley in soccer?

A volley is where the ball is kicked without bouncing, a half volley is where the ball has bounced and the ball is kicked on it's way up.

How many men play Beach volleyball?

2 men play beach volley ball