What is nappy sann?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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sounds like a pootytang saying

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Q: What is nappy sann?
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How do you remove Yellow armpit stains?

bleach Or if that cant be used nappy sann

When did Son Sann die?

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Son Sann was born in 1911.

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How do you turn nappy hair into wavy hair?

You don't. Nappy hair is just nappy unless you get a perm.

What is the plural form for nappy?

The plural for nappy is nappies.

What is the British term for diaper?

We brits call it a nappy.

When was Nappy Roots created?

Nappy Roots was created in 1995.

What would the American call a baby's nappy?

A nappy in the US is a diper