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Q: What is name of motorbike used for pacing cycling?
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What is the biggest engine in a motorbike?

The largest engine for a motorbike is the one used by Harold Davidson.

Who thought of the name motorbike?

Difficult question: Its evident that the first to think of the name motorbike might have been an American or englishman, but since the first motorbikes was developed in Germany and France isn't the question relevant. The German Hildebrandt & Wolfmüller was the first to be designated with the term 'motorrad' wich still is the used German word for motorbike!

Do you ride or drive a motorbike?

No. I used to ride a motorbike. I have not ridden one since I wrecked the last one.

Where can you buy kawasaki motorbike insurance policies?

You can get Kawasaki motorbike insurance quote easily and fast from can quote any new or used Kawasaki motorbike.

What are the types of motorbikes and what are they used for?

There are heaps of motorbike brands my offroad motorbike is made by motorworks the most popular motorbike brand is Yamaha.They are used 4 having fun and jumps(off road motorbikes)And registered motorbikes are used to travel to places hpoe this helps

What is a sentence with the word pacing?

The psychotic doll began pacing back and forth, wondering what the best way to dispose of his now-dead owner would be.The cat was silently pacing closer and closer to her prey."Will you stop pacing about and sit down?!" his wife demanded.

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What causes motorbike smoke?

The main cause of motorbike smoke is when the diesel is being burned and used in the engine. This smoke causes pollution to the environment.

Where would be the best online site to sell a used motorbike?

The best website to sell a used motorbike would be, or You might also have some luck with

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On average how much does a Yamaha YPG625 motorbike cost?

The model that you have listed is actually a Yamaha keyboard and not a motorbike. It can be purchased for approximately $500 for a used model. If you are indeed looking for a Yamaha motorbike there is a great deal of price variance between models.

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