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Q: What is name of martial arts movie where guy couldn't fight with out lucky socks?
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What is the plot of the Bruce Lee movie Game of Death?

Bruce Lee' movie Game of Death is about how a retired champion martial artist fight the Korean gang as well as other martial artists to save his younger brother and sister.

What's the name of the movie where the two martial artists fight in a climactic battle and begin turning into animals?

mortal combat 2

Where can one watch a martial arts fight?

They can just watch the movie either online or at the movie theater. They can also go to dojo arena and experience the live performance of the fighters.

In the movie Lucky You what is the movie about?

gambling The movie "Lucky You" is basically about poker.

What Movie Did you have to Wear blindfolds and couldnt see?


What was the conflict in the movie Peter Pan?

He was lost couldnt get home and had a shadow

Is shaolin a true movie?

It is just a Martial Arts movie.

Martial artist who starred in a 5 sequel martial art movie?

Bruce lee

Which famous martial arts movie star is a friend of the prime minister?

Which famous martial arts movie star is a friend of the Kevin Rudd?

What is the name of the martial movie where the kid in the beginning is hitting the stone wall?

That's almost every movie ever made with martial arts in it.

The best martial arts movie till date?

"Maybe the greatest martial arts movie ever is Hero. Excellent martial techniques display by virtuosos Jet Li and Donnie Yen, and also a deep insight into the very essence of martial arts. A must-have.

What is a homophone for paws in a sentence?

do at that those paws but i couldnt see it so pause the movie