What is multimillion dollars?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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It simply means more than 1 million dollars. Like "The Yankees signed Jeter to a multi million dollar deal", means he makes several million per season.

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Q: What is multimillion dollars?
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Is multimillion one or two words?

Multimillion is one word.

What is the name of the multimillion dollar movie that filled up the world with water?

The 1995 film 'Waterworld' starring Kevin Costner. The film had a budget of 175 million dollars which was groundbreaking at the time.

How do you say multimillion dollar company in Spanish?

compañía multimillonaria

What were the beginning of today's multimillion-dollar film industry?


What was the beginning of todays multimillion-dollar film industry?


What can you buy for 2 million dollars?

Well, actually; you could buy just about everything in any stores. But, you cannot buy any multimillion dollar companies, and you can buy all the dogs you want. Just Imagine.

Led to the creation of multimillion-dollar petroleum industry?

Edwin Drake's well

What kind of containers are used to contain multimillion degree plasmas?

Magnetic containers

What kind of containers are used to contain multimillion-degree plasmas?

Magnetic containers

What do multimillion-dollar sponsorships of famous athletes symbolize?

Multimillion dollar sponsorships of famous athlete's symbolize the desire of people to be like that athlete. People will spend a lot of money in pursuit of this dream which makes the corporation money.

What loss did Roche experience in 2002?

lost $2.9 billion dollars, the greatest annual loss in the company's 108-year history. Humer blamed the drop on investment losses and on a multimillion dollar fine that stemmed from a 1990s vitamin price-fixing case

What machines do farmers use?

What kind of farmer? it ranges from a simple shovel to multimillion dollar harvesters