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Q: What is most points North Carolina has scored in NCAA tournament game?
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What is the most points ever scored in a high school basketball game in North Carolina?

In 1966, Durham Hillside scored 147 points against Booker T. Washington in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Booker T scored 47.

How many points did Michael Jordan score at North Carolina?

Michael Jordan scored 1,788 points while playing for North Carolina. He scored 459 in his first year, 720 in his second year and 609 in his third year after which he was drafted by the Chicago Bulls.

How many teams in North Carolina made it in the 2011 NCAA tournament?

North Carolina has Three Teams in the NCAA Tournament Duke, North Carolina, UNC-Ashville

How many times has Duke and North Carolina played at home in the NCAA basketball tournament?

North Carolina is 27 and 1 in the state of North Carolina durning tournament play

Who won the NCAA basketball tournament in 2005?

North Carolina

When is the next beyblade tournament in North Carolina 2011?

to late

Which teams from the ACC are in the tournament and what percentage of the tournament is this?

In 2012, there are (or were) four teams in the NCAA tournament: Duke, Florida State, North Carolina and North Carolina State. That is 4/68 or 5.9% of the tournament. Actually, in 2011, the seven teams that were in the NCAA tournament were: Virginia, North Carolina, Duke, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Boston College and Virginia Tech. That constituted 7/65 of the entire NCAA tournament or 10.8%

What has been North Carolina's lowest NCAA tournament seed?


Which state has the most teams in the 2012 ncaa tournament?

North Carolina.

What women's team one the NCAA tournament in 1994?

North Carolina

Who won the final fou basketball tournament in 2009?

North Carolina.

Which state has the most teams in the NCAA tournament this year?

North Carolina

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