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i believe it is 27 because the most hits you can score in one inning without scoring is 3. 3 multiplied by 9 is 27 so 27

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Q: What is most number of hits by a team with no runs scored in 9 innings?
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Who has scored the most runs in a single test innings?

Brian Lara has scored 400* in an inning.

Which Test cricketer has scored the most sixes in a single innings?

The record for greatest number of sixes scored by a batsman in a single Test innings is 12, achieved by Wasim Akram in a knock of 257 not out for Pakistan against Zimbabwe in October 1996.

Who has taken the most number of runs in cricket?

The greatest number of runs in first-class cricket is 61,760, scored in 1325 innings by Jack Hobbs.

Who has scored the most runs in a single first-class innings cricket?

Brian Lara. He got 500 not out. He also scored the highest single test match innings with 400.

Who has scored the most runs in single first class innings?

Brian lara

What is the most innings a major league baseball team have scored in a game?

a billion!

What is the record for most hits in a game?

Most hits in a game with 9 innings is 7 by Wilbert Robinson(1892) and Rennie Stennett(1975). Most hits in a game with extra innings is 9 by Johnny Burnett(1932) and he did it in 18 innings.

Which team has scored the most number of runs in a single test innings?

The highest test score is 958 i think, India v shrilanka '97

Which player has scored the most runs in a single test innings of cricket?

Brian Lara holds the record for the highest individual score in a test innings. He scored 400* against England at Antigua in 2004.

What is the record for the most balls faced in an innings in a test match?

Hutton,L from England faced the maximum number of balls in an innings of test cricket against Australia. He played 847 balls and scored 364 runs.

What is the most runs scored by a single team in two consecutive innings in an MLB game?


Who scored highest number of centuries?

sachin tendulkar is hits most centuries in ODI & TESTS

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