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Milwaukee vs. Toronto (31 hits) august 28th, 1992.

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i believe it is 27 because the most hits you can score in one inning without scoring is 3. 3 multiplied by 9 is 27 so 27

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Q: What is most number of hits by a team with no runs scored in 9 innings?
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Which Test cricketer has scored the most sixes in a single innings?

The record for greatest number of sixes scored by a batsman in a single Test innings is 12, achieved by Wasim Akram in a knock of 257 not out for Pakistan against Zimbabwe in October 1996.

Who has taken the most number of runs in cricket?

The greatest number of runs in first-class cricket is 61,760, scored in 1325 innings by Jack Hobbs.

What is the record for most hits in a game?

Most hits in a game with 9 innings is 7 by Wilbert Robinson(1892) and Rennie Stennett(1975). Most hits in a game with extra innings is 9 by Johnny Burnett(1932) and he did it in 18 innings.

Which team has scored the most number of runs in a single test innings?

I'm not sure if this is the most centuries scored in one innings but in the first Test match of the Ashes Test Series 2009, 4 Australians scored centuries after batting second. Simon Katich 122 Ricky Ponting 150 Marcus North 125* Brad Haddin 121 Kowalski

Who scored most runs for Bangladesh in the 1999 cricket world cup?

The Bangladeshi batsman who scored the highest number of runs at the 1999 Cricket World Cup was Minhajul Abedin - whose 140 runs in four innings eclipsed the next best, 120 runs in 5 innings, scored by Mehrab Hussain. Abedin's average was significantly better than any other player's, with a 1999 World Cup average of 70.00.

Which cricketer scored more ducks in world cup?

Sanath jayasooriya is a great player.He got the most ducks.

Who has scored most runs in Twenty20 cricket?

As of May 2012, the batsman who has scored the most runs in Twenty20 cricket is David Hussey, who has scored 4480 runs in 173 innings (from 180 matches), including a top score of 100 not out. His current Twenty20 average lies at 31.77.

Which Englishman has scored the most hundreds in cricket?

The record for msot centuries in a first-class career is held by Egnland batsman Jack Hobbs, who scored 199 first-class centuries in 1325 innings.

What are all the rules of softball?

To have the most number of runs after the end of the 7 innings. Runs maybe scored by putting the ball in play (hitting a pitched ball in the infield) and running to each base without being put out.

Which player scores most run in one innings ODI for bd?

Tamim Iqbal.He scored 154 runs in 138 balls against Zimbabwe.

Who scored highest number of centuries?

most test centuries are done by SachinTendulakar, India

Most runs scored in 2020 cricket?

Brad Hodge has scored more runs in Twenty20 cricket than any other player, with 2366 runs in 70 innings, including a top score of 106 runs.