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Carrow Road, home of Norwich City Football Club

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Q: What is most easterly premier league ground?
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Which premier league team covers most ground?

Manchester United

Which team has won the premier league the most?

Manchester United has won the premier league the most

Why is premier league called premier league?

Because it's seen as the most prestigious league in the world. It is also officially Barclay's Premier League or the English Premier League and is just shortened to plain premier league.

Which premier league team has the most points since the premier league began?

I'm 99% sure that it is Manchester United, as they have won the Premier League the most times

Which player has scored most hattricks in the premier league?

Alan Shearer has scored the most hat tricks in the premier league, not only this but he also scored the most goals in the premier league as well!

Who has scored the most goal in the premier league?

Alan shearer with 206 premier league goals

The most expensive league cup in England?

premier league

Which premier league team has the Most premier league points in a season?

Its Chelsea....2004-05 season

Who is won the most premier league titles?

Manchester United they won 19 premier league titles.

Who has won the FA premier league the most times?

Man Utd have won the Premier League 11 times. They have won 18 (including premier league)English League and Cups Altogether.

Most easterly city in England?

Norwich is the most easterly city - the most easterly twon is lowestoft, also the most easterly point of Great Britain

What channel shows the barclays premier league?

Sky Sports show the most Barclays Premier League matches!

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