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Skiing is still more popular than Snowboarding because of the simple reason skiing is easier to learn at first. Snowboarders are gaining and there are some days where snowboarders out number skiers on the slopes.

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Q: What is more popular skiing or snowboarding?
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Was skiing or snowboarding more popular in 2006 winter season?

In the Alps were most of the skiing in the world is done are the snowboarders around 2-3% of all the people in the slopes so skiing is much more popular then snowboarding.

Was skiing or snowboarding more popular in 2008?

Skiing is more popular for the simple fact that its easier to learn. Snowboarding is gaining in popularity every year and some days there are more snowboarders on the slopes that skiers.

Which is more popular skiing or snowboarding and by how much?

Skiing is by far more popular than snowboarding. But people are starting to pick up snowboarding more because it only takes about 3 days to learn as opposed to skiing, which takes years to perfect. I work at a ski resort and we have seen the rise of snowboarders, which in some cases, out number skiiers, but i personally like skiing more.

How popular is skiing?

pretty popular. same thing with snowboarding.

What is the most popular sport in Idaho?


Is skiing more popular than snowboarding and snowtubing?

Skiing is more popular than both, however, even by just going to a ski resort and watching the traffic you can see that snowboarding is becoming much more popular than it has been in past years. It is coming pretty close to 50-50 now but you still see a few more skiers than you do boarders.

Is skiing more popular than snowboarding?

Yes, in Europe where most skiing is done are the snowboarders just a few percent of all the people in a ski resort.

What is more dangerous skiing or snowboarding?

snowboarding is more dangerous..... you can crack your neck and smash your head....and you can't do are very limited...unlike skiing.

Which is more expensive skiing or snowboarding?

Skiing is more expensive because the cost of equipment is that much greater.

What is holland's most popular winter sport?

they have many popular winter sports...the most popular one is skiing and snowboarding

Is skiing easier than snowboarding?

Skiing is def. easier than snowboarding!

Is snowboarding or skiing better?

SNOWBOARDING 1000000000%

What are some popular skiing methods?

Some popular skiing methods include downhill skiing, cross country skiing, moguls and slalom. If you are feeling adventurous, you may consider snowboarding - a version of skiing that utilizes one "board" instead of two separate blades.

What is cooler skiing or snowboarding?


Which winter sports are popular in Canada?

Almost every winter sport is popular in Canada. Skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, curling, hockey, ice climbing, mountaineering, cross country skiing and more. In Canada, many of these sports can be enjoyed throughout the entire year.

Is snowboarding harder or skiing?

It depends if you started out skiing snowboarding would be harder. vice versa

Is Skiing or Snowboarding better?

i do both so i'm not favoring either one. At first snowboarding feels cool but after doing them for many years skiing becomes much more fun

Which came first snowboarding or skiing?


Does snowboarding cost more than skiing?

No, because their both free??!!!

Is aperture a skiing brand or a snowboarding brand?

Aperture is a known brand for snowboarding. but I think they also have products for skiing.

Why is snowboarding so popular?

Because it is fun, gets you exersice, and is something to do. Its is also great for freestyle, and just cruising down a mountain. And it is more modern than skiing.

Skis or snowboard witch is harder to go off jumps?

Snowboarding is harder to go off a jump then skiing, but if you plan to do a trick in the air then skiing is harder. This is because when snowboarding your weight distribution controls if you bail or not where as when skiing it is more forgiving.

Name four activities enjoyed by Canadians?

skiing, skating, curling, and snowboarding.

Which one is cooler skiing or snow boarding?

Coming from a snowboarder, Skiing is by far easier and warmer but snowboarding is way more fun.

What is a popular winter sport in Okemo VT?

Because Vermont is a rather snow filled state, it can be inferred that some popular winter sports include skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, slalom skiing, and ice sculpting.