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Rugby union and NFL "gridiron" may seem alike but it is actually way different.

Rugby union fans will argue that NFL is too boring, hence the stoppage after each tackle to commence with the next down, changes between, defence, offence, and special teams, Time outs, play clocks etc. and that NFL players are not as tough as Rugby players due to all the padding. Those gridiron guys get beat up pretty bad. The two main differences is that in Rugby union the focus is on the ball carrier and the breakdown, were in NFL the focus is on the recievers and the quarterback.

So its hard to say what is the better sport, as we can only say that the Rugby world cup is the third largest viewed sport worldwide, but I have never seen 100 000 people packed into a stadium to watch a "varsity cup" or even tri nations game, as the Americans do at the Rose bowl.

so its all about preference. its like comparing Ice Hockey to soccer, very simmilar in practice but way way way different.

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Football is the second most popular sport... before Golf! Rugby is 3rd.

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Q: What is more popular rugby union or football?
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Who is more popular rugby union?

rugby union is the world cup, the six nations, the european nations cup... rugby union is what people know as rugby. all other forms of rugby are not as popular.

Who earns more money rugby league or rugby union players?

Rugby Union players. They are better publicised on the world stage. They gain more money from sponsorship deals. Rugby Union is a more popular sport so people are more willing to pay to see them.

What sport is more popular in Australia Rugy or Soccer?

In Australia, the most popular sports in terms of crowd attendance were Australian rules football, horse racing, rugby league, motorsports, cricket, rugby union, and soccer.So yes, you would say that rugby- although it is not the most popular sport in Australia, it is more popular than soccer.

What are the different kinds of football?

Association football (Soccer), Five-a-side soccer, Gaelic football, Rugby League, Wheelchair rugby,Freestyle football, Rugby Union, American football, Canadian, Australian football, Subbuteo, Table football and quite a few more.

Which sports have more than eleven players on each team?

Both Rugby League and Rugby Union, gaelic football, croquet, hurling, ladies football, camogie

What is the most popular water sport in sydney?

The most popular is mostly rugby league but there is also union,AFL,soccer,swimming and many more The most popular is mostly rugby league but there is also union,AFL,soccer,swimming and many more

What sport is more popular then rugby?

socceris the most popular sport worldwide, in the united states it would be football.

What is more popular rugby uniun or rugby league?

Rugby League is very popular in Australia, drawing huge attendances for games, however, world wide Rugy Union is generally the preffered sport.

What is an activity that starts with the letter r and requires more than 2 people?

Rugby football is popular in England, France, Italy and Australia and New Zealand. It generally involves two teams with thirteen players on each team for rugby league, and 15 a side for rugby union.

Do australians like football more than rugby league?

Football meaning AFL or Soccer? Rugby League is more popular than soccer in Sydney also as well as AFL. Whole of Australia, AFL is most popular sport, and Rugby League is second and soccer is 4th just after cricket.

Is a rugby league field bigger than a rugby union field?

Rugby Union is alot bigger everywhere. The only places they seem to play it is Australia and northern England. Rugby union is a much better sport anyway. Rugby Union is more popular than Rugby League because Rugby Union is much older than League. Rugby Union players get much more than League players and union is played in more places than league. I recon League is much better than union.

What is more physical gridiron or rugby?

Answer. Gridiron has less contact than rugby union or league. It is a more basic one dimensional sport designed for lesser athletes who struggled at Football or rugby union/league. ----------------------- Rugby,we don't need to wear all that padding to play a full on contact sport,same as rugby league,full on contact