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Arsenal...they've been a more popular club in the past and is also more popular today.

chelsea's popularity mainly rose around the beginning of the 21st century, especially after the takeover by Roman Abramovich.

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Q: What is more popular Arsenal or Chealsea?
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Top five champion teams in English football?

Arsenal, Liverpool,Manchester United, Chealsea,Everton

Who is more popular Chelsea or Arsenal?

As far as fan bases go Arsenal.

What team does Aston Merrygold support?

Aston supports Arsenal along with JB Oritsé supports Fulham and Marvin supports Chealsea

Who has more troepys chealsea or Liverpool?

Liverpool obviously.

15 players who played for 2 or more of arsenal chealsea man utd or Liverpool?

William Gallas (Arsenal and Chelsea) Emmanuel Petit (Arsenal and Chelsea) Lassina Diarra (Arsenal and Chelsea) Ashley Cole (Arsenal and Chelsea) Juan Sebastian Veron (Man Utd and Chelsea) Nicolas Anelka (Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea) Michael Thomas (Liverpool and Arsenal) Bolo Zenden (Chelsea and Liverpool) Jermaine Pennant (Arsenal and Liverpool) Michael Owen (Man Utd and Liverpool) Mark Hughes (Man Utd and Chelsea) Paul Ince (Man Utd and Liverpool) Mikael Silvestre (Man Utd and Arsenal) Andrew Cole (Arsenal and Man Utd) Mark Bosnich (Man Utd and Chelsea)

How many euoropean cup have chealsea win?

more than you think

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Who is Chealsea Kane?

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Best supported football clubs in england?

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Is drogba on chealsea?

No,he left chealsea and went to Shanghai Shenhua that is a chinese team

Who has more trophies arsenal or Liverpool?

Arsenal - 39 Honours Liverpool - 63 Honours Liverpool

Is it good that chealsea are banned from thransfers til 2011?

no man im a chealsea player f.maloda