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Base Jumping because you have less time to open the parachute. Most Base Jumpers have done A Lot of skydives first.

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Q: What is more dangerous base jumping or skydiving?
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Is skydiving or bungee jumping more dangerous?

skydiving, the bungee cord is not prone to breaking

Where can one find more information about wingsuits?

More information about wingsuits can be found on websites that offer skydiving and BASE-jumping. Phoenix Fly offer to design and develop wingsuits and all the useful information about it.

What is more dangerous bungee jumping or sky diving?

there are both dangerous but sky diving is more dangerous

Why base jumping should be banned?

I do not believe BASE jumping should be banned in the same way that swimming should not be banned. Yes there are accidents and deaths, however this is the case for most sports. Statistically speaking horse riding is more dangerous than BASE in proportion to numbers participating.

What is more dangerous bungee jumping or SURFING?

Bungee Jumping Is More dangerous because something may happen happen in the sky ! Your parrachute may not open when you need it to open

Is bungee jumping skydiving or riding big roller coasters scarier?

After a while its none of it is really "scary" but there is a huge adrenaline rush associated with those thing, and personally i'd say skydiving has the biggest rush. Anyways lets face it, a lot more people are more willng to ride a roller coaster, than go skydiving.

Is hockey the most dangerous sport in the world?

although not a famous competative sport, i believe more people are killed skydiving. for a competative sport i belive more people are killed Boxing.

Indoor skydiving in Washington?

Check out the related link for more information on indoor skydiving.

Where can one find more information about skydiving in the UK?

One can find more information about skydiving in the UK at several online sites. Some of these sites with UK skydiving information are "Ukskydiving" and "Skydivenorthwest".

Is there a certain age limit to use bungee jumping equipment?

There isn't, however, if you are under the age of 18 you may have to have your parents sign a form. Sometimes your Insurance will also not cover it, but this is more common with skydiving.

What if you land in water while skydiving?

For jumps intentionally make near a body of water, the skydiver is required to have a flotation device in his possession. Otherwise, you climb out of the harness and swim to safety. If that can't be accomplished then the skydiver may likely drown. Or in the case of bodies of water in Kansas, you would simply stand up. Statistically water is more dangerous than skydiving. Ironically fishing causes more fatalities than skydiving.

Which is more dangerous a strong acid or strong base?

A base because of the effects it can have on protein.

What are ideal weather conditions for skydiving?

The most important weather conditions to be aware of for skydiving are the wind conditions. The most ideal wind conditions for skydiving are low to moderate winds. Also, the sky needs to be clear or low in clouds so the skydivers are able to clearly see the ground. Thunderstorms can be very dangerous for skydivers as well because they are accompanied by unpredictable winds. You can find more information on skydiving weather conditions at

Could womens ski jumping be dangerous?

Sure, ski jumping is a dangerous sport regardless of whether a man or a woman is performing it. But it is no more dangerous for a woman than it is for a man. How well the jumper can handle the pressure of the jump and the prevailing wind/weather conditions at the time of the jump are more significant to the danger quotient than whether the jumper is a man or a woman.

Are you more likely to die skydiving or driving to school?

Statistically speaking, it is more likely to die in an automobile accident than it is to die in a skydiving accident.

Where can someone find more information on base jumping?

You can find information about base jumping on the base jumper website, they have some great articles and forums that should give you all the information you need. Another great website is high infatuation, it has some great articles and videos.

Name for a mammal that can fly?

The only mammal that can fly is the bat. There are more than 900 different types of bats. A few types of squirrels, lemurs, and marsupials also can glide (but not really fly) by stretching out membranes between their limbs as they jump (kind of like "wing suits" that some people use in conjunction with skydiving or BASE-jumping).

What are the odds of being killed on your first time skydiving?

Your more likely to die in a car crash while driving to the skydiving location.

What are the top 10 dangerous sports?

Any sport can cause injuries, but some are decidedly more dangerous than others. Opinions and rankings vary somewhat on danger levels, as does what actually constitutes a sport. For one ranking from least dangerous (among the top 10 most dangerous to the most dangerous, there is heli skiing, horseback riding, street luging, bull running, big wave surfing, bull riding, motorcycle biking, base jumping, cheerleading, and cave diving.

Which one is more dangerous acid or base?

It depends upon nature of acid or base generally Sulphuric acid is more dangerous than bases, but caustic soda (solid sodium hydroxide) is more dangerous than many acids as Hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, phosphoric acid and many other organic acids.

What is good athletic training for someone planning to take up skydiving?

A beneficial type of exercise for skydiving is stretching and getting your body fit to skydive. You may need to do an inverted pose while diving and limbering up and stretching your body and toning it will make skydiving a lot more fun. It will be more rewarding if your body can withstand the physical demands of skydiving. Toning and strengthening your body will be good training.

What are the chances of dying while skydiving?

about 1 in 65,000 people i a going to become professonal plus you are 4 ties more likely to get struck by lightning then u are to die skydiving

What level do you need an oxygen mask for skydiving?

An oxygen mask being essential for skydiving is a myth. Just don't bring one; it's a waste of money. jm143am says: For someone jumping at 14k feet or below - a mask isn't needed...anything over 14k feet the air is thinner and thus more difficult to breathe....most people won't jump their intro jumps from this height unless requested to do so...and they'll probably provide you with a mask...18k feet or something of that nature its a must to have one...don't want to be passing out after jumping out of a plane ;)

Do people compete for skydiving?

Yes, there are skydiving competitions. Some of these are: * Landing close to a target * Formations in free-fall, with more than one person

How has skydiving become more popular?

people are ttly obsessed with it for no reason!!!!