What is messy in French?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: What is messy in French?
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How do you say messy hair in french?

'messy hair' in french is 'cheveux en désordre'

How do you say Everywhere and Messy in french?

everywhere=partout messy=en desordre

What is mr Messy in french?

It is monsieur Messy...names don't usually change in French. Example:if you said that someone's name is "Peter",it will be in french also "Peter" although that the french translation of the name "Peter" is "Pierre" but the name won't be changed because of the translation...hope that you got my point...

What does Je suis désordonné mean in French?

"je suis désordonné" means 'I am messy' in French.

What does the bad guy on Frosty the Snowman say over and over?

messy, messy, messy

Clean room or messy room?


What is a simile for something messy?

mesyy like an Ausie in a bar at 3 am:p

How do you get the messy hair effect?

A messy hair gel.

What is a phrase for the word messy?

You're a messy pig.

Is a chicken coop messy?

It's not really messy after you clean it out. But in middle of the week, it'll get messy and you have to clean it again.

What was messy about an unkempt person?

=messy,slob,clumsy.dirty,out of order.=

What is the answer to the opposite of neat?

Well, an antonym of neat is messy.