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The term 'Right Midfield' is often used to describe a player that operates, in a match, in the right hand side of the pitch. The job of a right midfielder is to supply balls to the strikers/attackers down the right hand side. They also may be needed to defend and off support to the Right-Back. Examples of well known Right-Midfielders would be: David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo etc.

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Q: What is meant by the term Right Midfield?
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What is an offensive position in soccer?

There are four offensive positions, Foward, Center Midfield, Right Midfield, and Left midfield

What positions are on the soccer field?

the positions on the soccer field is Goaly,Right defence,Middle defence,Left defence,Left midfield,Middle midfield,Right midfield, Right ford,Middle ford,Left ford.

What are all of the positions in soccer?

Striker Central Forward Left Forward Right Forward Left Mid Field Right Mid Field Left Center Midfield Right Center Midfield Defensive Midfield Center Defensive Midfield Left Defensive Midfield Right Defensive Midfield Defensive Attacking Midfield Left/Right Defensive Attacking Midfield Central/Left/Right Midfield Left Wing Back Right Wing Back Center Back/Sweeper Left/Right Corner Back Goalkeeper Central Attacking Defensive Center Back Central Forward Midfield

What are the names of all of the positions in soccer?

Goalie (goalkeeper), defender (centre back, right back, left back), midfielder (centre midfield, right midfield, right winger, left midfield, left winger) and striker (centre forward)

What are the names of the various positions on a soccer field?

Goalkeeper Right Back Right Centre Back Left Cetre Back Left Back Right Midfield Right Centre Midfield Left Centre Mifield Left midfield Right Centre Forward (Striker) Left Centre Forward (striker)

How many players are on the field for each soccer team and what positions are they?

There are normally 11 players on the field. The traditional positions include center, right wing, left wing, center midfield, right midfield, left midfield, stopper, right defense, left defense, sweeper and goalie.

What are the formations in field hockey?

You have a goalie You sometimes have a sweeper You have a right defence, centre defence and left defence. (not all games have centre) You have a right midfield, centre midfield and left midfield. (not all games have centre) You have a right striker, centre striker and left striker. (not all games have centre)

What are the playing positions found in soccer?

goalkeeper sweeper centre back right back left back right wing back left wing back defensive midfield central midfield attacking midfield right midfield left midfield right wing left wing centre forward striker

In Football what is the name for a midfield position?

Their are 3 positions of midfield. Left mid, Center mid, Right mid, one person on the left, one on the right and my be 2 people for center mid.

Where does Cristiano Ronaldo play on field?

ronaldo plays right midfield but in tough games he is sometimes moved up into a three forward formation, and then plays an attacking right midfield

Field hockey position chart?

Goalkeeper Sweeper Right back Central defence Left back Right midfield/half Centre half Left midfield/half Right wing Centre forward Left wing

What position in Football does David Beckham play?

He plays right midfield.

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What positions are played by ronaldinho and lampard?

Ronaldinho can play as a forward as he does for Barcelona or can play on the right/left of midfield as he has done for Brazil. Frank Lampard plays an attacking central midfield position for Chelsea.

What are the 11 positions of soccer?

Here are the three positions my team plays in soccer.Right Forward (or Striker)Left Forward (or Striker)Center Forward (or Striker)Center MidfieldRight MidfieldLeft MidfieldCenter MidfieldRight DefenderLeft DefenderCenter DefenderGoalieI hope I helped!

Who plays right midfield in Manchester United?

Luis Antonio Valencia # 25 and Nani

What position is emmanuel eboue?

Eboue is mainly a right-back or right midfielder, but is capable of playing in the centre of midfield or as a left-back

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What is meant by the term resistivity?

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When was Midfield General created?

Midfield General was created in 1997.

What did shakespeare do before he became a play wright?

shakespeare loved to play football and played right midfield

Duties of a soccer player?

Goalkeeper Center-Backs -defense Wing-backs - defense Center field - Midfield Holding Midfield - Defensive mid Attacking Midfield - Attacking mid Left and Right Wing - Midfield Strikers - Forwards Defense - Defend Midfield - Assisting in Defense and Attack, Creating Opportunities, Passing the ball around Fowards - Scoring and Assisting goals.

What is real Madrids best line up?

Real Madrids best line up is: 1 - Iker Casillas (Goalkeeper) 4 - Sergio Ramos (Right Back) 3 - Pepe (Centre Back) 5 - Fabio Cannavaro (Centre Back) 16 - Gabriel Heinze (Left Back) 11 - Arjen Robben (Right Midfield) 6 - Lassana Diarra (Centre Midfield) or 10 - Wesley Sneijder (Centre Midfield) 8 - Fernando Gago (Centre Midfield) or 14 - Guti (Centre Midfield) 12 - Marcelo (Left Midfield) 7 - Raul (Striker) 20 - Gonzalo Higuain (Striker) Other regular players in best line up: 19 - Hunterlaar (Striker) 22 - Miguel Torres (Right Back)