What is meant by the split?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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"The split" or "A split" can mean:

  1. A gymnastic move.
  2. a cut (of something) shared with one or more people. (verb)
  3. The split is getting at left and right at one time; an equal return between two things, such as a vote


  1. At the end of her dance routine, the gymnast performed a split.
  2. After the police shot the gang's leader, the other criminals decided the split would still be one quarter for each man.
  3. In the 3 to 3 split and 3 juges abstaining , the US Supreme Court voted that every citizen would receive $250 as part of an economic stimulus package.
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Q: What is meant by the split?
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Where one river split?

If what is meant is "where does a river split most often occur?", then the best answer is near the delta.

What is meant by split air conditioner?

A split air conditioner is a unit where the condensing unit is outside and the evaporator is inside.

Is a slit in a flat screen TV harmful?

If you meant "split" in a flat screen, then that depends on your TV.

What is meant by spectrum wave?

Spectrum = the band of colours produced when light is split into its component frequencies

What is meant by spin off?

In corporate terminology new organization or entity formed by a split from a larger one

What is meant by the area problem?

Area means space so instead of adding the measurements you multiply them. You may have to split them with unusual shapes.

Why would a split among the Big Three have been a cause for concern?

A split among the Big Three would be a concern because a split among normal brothers causes fights imagine what would happen if there was a split among the three most powerful Gods Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. War would surely be caused. Hope this is what you meant! :D

The river the north needed to control to split the south?

The river that the North needed to control to split the South was the Mississippi River. This river was a very important transportation system for the South so controlling the river meant controlling the South.

How did rivets help to sink the titanic?

One of the theories wrt the titanic sinking was that poor quality rivets had caused the hull plates to split at the seams as opposed to being torn apart. This would have meant that the long gash had needed less force to split open.

What is meant by Cloven or uncloven Hoofs?

A cloven hoof is a hoof that is split in the middle, like a cow, deer or a hog's hoof. An example of a unclovened hoof is a horses hoof, it is not split in the middle. If you read the Bible/Quran it says to only eat cloven hoofed animals, it is a sin to eat one that is unclovened.

What is a split digraph?

a split digraph is to digraphs that have been split

What is meant by the term splitscreen in reference to a computer screen?

The term splitscreen in terms of a computer screen is when something is projected on a computer screen in a split fashion. This is typically used in multi-player games.