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It means that they are drills that don't necessarily have to do with PLAYING volleyball. They just get you the strength and durability needed for playing. Examples would be a TRX, a bosu, or resistant bands.

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Q: What is meant by conditioning drills in volleyball?
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How can I find more information about volleyball drills?

There is alot of information about volleyball drills on the web. You can also located some great magazines that break the drills down. There is also sports dvd's that give a wide range of different drills .

Where to find information on volleyball drills?

The best source to find information on volleyball drills is websites such as,, and These websites have a variety of information including types of drills and the appropriate length of time needed to carry out those drills.

What are some more effective but less intesive volleyball drills?

Effective but less intensive volleyball drills are different blocking drills and have a 70% rule where you practice until you get 70% of the shots. It's repetitive but easy going.

What is conditioning in volleyball?

Conditioning in volleyball can range from running a mile everyday before practice to doing box jumps to improve the vertical jump. Most conditioning is focused to strengthen the arms, legs, and core of the athlete.

What are the first five volleyball drills?

Hitting(spiking), blocking, serving, passing, setting( the second touch)

What do the volleyball coaches need to know about volleyball?

Volleyball coaches need to be able to know a lot.You need to know ALL of the different hits that are illegal and legal hits to do in an actual volleyball game.You need to know different formations in volleyball. Especially important for high school coaches to be able to identify different plays and formations.You need to be able to know how to do practice drills and how to get the practice drills incorporated with the actual volleyball skill.Those are the most important things a coach need to know. There are many more things out there though.

What are some softball drills to add more power to a pitchers throw?

Drills should be accompanied by proper conditioning. As a pitcher, it's important that you strengthen your core, shoulders, and legs to increase your pitching power and one of the more important things in conditioning you shouldn't neglect is flexibility.

How do softball baseball players train to improve performance?

* Physical conditioning * Ball handling drills * Batting practice

How many players are on a team use for warm-up in volleyball?

No specific amount of players are needed for a team to warm up. It just depends on the drills your coach has you do.

How many player is on the volleyball?

Normally players are not on the volleyball. However, if you meant to say how many players are on a volleyball court, then the answer would 6 on each team (there are 2 teams- just in case you didn't know)

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Which ball will go the farthest volleyball or the basketball?

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