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There are different types of leadership styles.

For Example:

1. Situational Leadership

2. Aggressive Leadership

3. Defensive Leadership etc

Leadership plays an integral role in sports. A good leader has an overall leadership style meaning he is aggressive, defensive and situational at the very same time. Such leader is associated as Idea leadership style.

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i think leader means that someone who takes charge and can help in any situation that they can .a leader is someone who can lead the way .

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The person who gives training and tips to a team in any sport is called a coach.

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Q: What is meaning of coach in sports?
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Steps to become a sports coach?

You either have to play the sports and you can work your way up from scouting to assistant coach to head coach, or look for a college that offers sports management and you can graduate with a masters in sports management that way, or athletic coaching program.

Do you need a degree in sports management to coach a sports team?

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Why need a sports coach?

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What is coaching training?

This is when you train someone to be a coach. The coach can be for many things such as sports or for a coach to help a person succeed in life.

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If you want to learn all there is to know about sports, become a coach.

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