What is mdn for cricket phones?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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It stands for "Mobile Directory Number" or simply, the number you'd need to dial to reach a specific person's phone. the mdn munber is just your phone number.

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Q: What is mdn for cricket phones?
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What is a mdn number?

Mobile Directory Number The actual phone number one would dial to reach a specific mobile phone. Prior to Wireless Number Portability, MDN was the same number as the MIN for many mobile phones. But now that MDN numbers can be ported (moved) to other carriers, MDN and MIN will be different for ported numbers.

What is a mdn number for cricket?

It is simply your cell phone number, including area code.

What is a cricket mdn number?

If you are referring to your phone's APN settings, it refers to your phone number. For example, if you are attempting to fill in the blank for MMSC within your Cricket phone's APN settings it might default to after flashing your phone to a new ROM. This should be changed to read

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