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There isn't a maximum number, countries may have as many athletes as they wish

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Q: What is maximum number of athletes per country allowed to enter Olympics?
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How many athletes per country in London Olympics?

It depends on the qualifications and world rankings.Usually china and USA send in maximum athletes. India has 81

Is there a maximum number of sport played in the summer Olympics?

the IOC has decided to put a limit on the number of sports, as well as events and athletes, in the Summer Olympics in order not to increase them from the 28 sports, 300 events and 10,000 athletes of the 2000 Summer Olympics.

How many people from each country can compete in the Olympics?

There's no maximum to my knowledge.

What country won the maximum number of medals at the 2008 Olympics?

i don't know k.

Which country won the maximum number of gold medals at the London Olympics 2012?


How many athletes take part in the Olympic games?

This varies from year to year as countries are allowed 3 participants for each event but not all countries allow 3 to go i also think there is a maximum team size Beijing Olympics - 11,028

How many medals did the winning country of the 2008 Olympics have?

US tops in the maximum number of medals

What is the difference between world cup and Olympics soccer?

You are only allowed a maximum of three profesional players in the olympic team.

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This varies in every state and country

What is the importance of the Olympics to everyone?

It's to allow different Athletes from different parts of the world to gather and participate and compete in a wide variety of sports, testing their limits to the maximum.

What established the maximum number of immigrants who were allowed into the US from each foreign country?

The Quota System :)

Who established the maximum number of immigrants who were allowed into the US from each foreign country?

The Quota System :)

What is the maximum amount of gold medals a country could win in the 2014 Olympics?

There are 97 events in which a country can win a gold medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics. It is possible, though highly unlikely, for one country to win them all.

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What is the Maximum age limit for Olympics?

No maximum age limit.

How many athletes are competing in the rugby world cup 2015?

Each of the 20 teams are allowed only 31 players in a squad therefore 620 is the maximum players

What is the maximum amount of medals one country can win in the Olympics?

i think its 15-20 gold medals or 10-15 ;)

What is the maximum age limit for swimming in the Olympics?

There is no maximum age for competing at the Olympics - a long as you qualify for your national swimming team you can compete

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50 kilometers

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