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Q: What is matts goal in the relationship with attean?
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Who is Marie in Sign of the Beaver?

explain some of the things that could happen to matts father to delay his journey

What is the difference between the signs matts father makes and the signs attean makes to show their way through the woods?

Matt's father uses his knife to carve things to show the way and Attean makes signs by breaking branches and leaving stone so no one could see them.

What advice does Matt's father give Matt about bees?

matts father tells him to stay away from bees: they will sting you. Matt's father says this because bees' barbs have poison in them, and this is why Saknis and Attean help Matt when he was stung.

In the book the Sign of the Beaver how does Matt grow because of his relationship with Attean?

he gets older because he teaches him to hunt

What does Attean show Matt how to do?

Matt delayed attean

When did Alfred Matts die?

Alfred Matts died in 1970.

When was Alfred Matts born?

Alfred Matts was born in 1893.

When was Matts Olsson born?

Matts Olsson was born in 1988.

How tall is Satoshi Matts?

Satoshi Matts is 163 cm.

When was Matts Dumell born?

Matts Dumell was born in 1952.

What does Attean have to do on his manitou?

in the book Sign of the Beaver Attean leaves to do what?

What did Attean invite Matt to in the sign of the beaver?

Attean is an Indian and Matt is a white kid OR man.