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Match fixing is the act of predetermined and manipulation of the outcome of a match.

To get a fixed match you need to make use of a real source who has a lot of connections and experience with the inside information of the fixed match community.

A lot of people get their fixed match from connermicahn on gmail. The dude is a God in his busines because he alw delivers as promise.

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Match Fixing is an act wherein the result or outcome of a game is decided before hand and the person who is fixed to lose will make attempts to lose the match without much of difficulty.

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Q: What is match fixing and How do you define match fixing?
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What are the name Of players involved in match fixing in IPL?

ms dhoni is match fixing

How is match fixing done?

Match fixing can occur in various ways, including players intentionally underperforming, referees making biased calls, or officials manipulating game outcomes. Typically, individuals or groups involved in match fixing will seek to profit illegally by betting on the fixed outcome. This unethical practice undermines the integrity of the sport and can have severe consequences for those involved.

Do match fixing in cricket affect the economy level of a country?

No. In my simple opinion, match fixing has no affect on the economy of a country.

Who made cricket illegal?

Match fixing

Was there match fixing in the 2011 world cup of cricket?


Was there match fixing in john cena vs rock?


How do you stop match fixing?

don't go to a match or go to the police if it's a legal kind of fight.

How has the Pakistan cricket scam affected people?

Their players were cought match fixing.

In the world of cricket which Pakistan batsman was banned for life in 2000 after being found guilty of match fixing?

Former Pakistan captain Salim Malik and medium pace bowler Ata-ur Rehman were found guilty of match-fixing

Who is the former Blackcap on trial for match fixing?

Former Black Caps cricketer Chris Cairns is involved in a court battle over allegations of match-fixing made against him by ex-Indian Premier League commissioner Lalit Modi.

Who is the Indian cricketer involved in the recent match fixing scandal?

There are a number of indian cricketers involved in the recent match fixing scandal which was unearthed more than a month ago. One of the famous one includes the troubled young star Srikanth.

What is better football or cricet?

Football is far better and cleaner, cricket is full of match fixing.