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Mark Sanchez signed a five year contract prior to the 2009 season that has $28 million in guaranteed money and could be worth as much as $50.5 million if he reaches all of the incentives contained in the contract.

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Including games played up to December 2, 2012, his total win-loss record in games he started is 37 wins and 29 losses, with no ties. That is divided into a 33-27 record in the regular season, and 4-2 in the playoffs.

One of those wins was in the game of December 2, 2012, which he started but where he was subsituted for by the replacement quarterback, Greg McElroy, who was the one who actually lead the winning touchdown drive for the Jets.

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Q: What is mark sanchez contract with the jets?
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What is the quarterback for the Jets?

Mark Sanchez

How long has mark sanchez played for the jets?

He was drafted by the Jets in 2009.

What year did mark sanchez go to the jets?

He was drafted by the Jets in 2009.

What is jets quarterbacks name?

mark sanchez

Who is jets head quarterback?

Mark Sanchez

How tall is mark sanchez jets quarterback?

Mark Sanchez is 6 ft 2 inches (6'2'').

Who is the QB for the New York Jets?

Mark Sanchez.

What is Mark Sanchez's jets number?

He is number 6.

Why can't the New York Jets reconstruct Mark Sanchez's contract?

Because the way it is structured it pays too much in guaranteed money.

Has a hispanic quarterback won playoffs?

Mark Sanchez of the jets has

Did mark sanchez get drafted?

Yes by the New York Jets

Who is the qurter back for the New York Jets?

Mark Sanchez