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Q: What is magic Johnson's real first name?
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What is magic Johnsons real name?

Ervin Johnson

What is the Rocky Johnson's real name?

Rocky Johnsons real name is Dwayne Douglas Johnson. Rocky was a combiation of his father's name and grandfathers.

Real name of magic?

If you mean "Magic" Johnson, his real name is Earven Johnson Jr.

What is mc magic real name?

Magic Jackson

What is mc magic's real name?

What is M.C Magic's name from the Nb Ridaz?

What was magic Johnson real name?

no it is not his real name. his old teacher gave him that nick name.

Magic's real name?

mr.magicl walter

How can beginners begin magic?

First, there isd no such thing as 'real' magic. In the real world, people who do magic tricks are illusionists (it is a professional skill) and they learn how to do this from books and each other.

What is magic johsons real name?

earvin johnson

What is Magic's real name?

earvin effay Johnson jr.

Are there real schools of magic?

No. Magic is not real.

Is Halloween magic real?

NO, Halloween magic is NOT real. Holloween is a fictional event and should not be accepted as real magic.

What is Prince's real first name?

Prince is his real first name

What makes REAL magic?

Nothing, magic is not REAL.

Does Criss Angel do fake magic?

Chris angeles magic is 100% fake sometimes they give money to the people to act that his magic is true. ok first of all his name is CRISS not Chris and second of all maybe you dont like him so you say it's fake but alot of what he does is REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is Magic Johnson's real name?

Earvin Effay Johnson, Jr. Earn Effay "Magic" Johnson Jr.

Whais a magician do?

a magician is someone who performs illusions, an illusionist is a better name as they do not perform real magic, but rather the illusion of magic.

What is Madonnas real first name?

Madonna is her real first name. Ciccone is her last name.

Is the author of the Rainbow Magic series name really Daisy Meadows?

No. this is a pen name for the rainbow magic series. Her real name is unknown to the public. you can email her about it on, but she might tell you that it is her own business.

What was Sacagawea's real first name?

Sacagawea's real first name was Boinain.

The first real name of pete?

The real first name for pete is peter

What is Rihanna's real first name?

Her real first name is "Robyn" .

Are magic schools real?

Not real magic but for elisions yes

Is the Harry Potter magic real?

No, magic isn't real.

Is Harry Potter magic real?

No, magic isn't real.