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I hope. First thing. I can't call aluminum a chemical. I have seen it used as aluminum oxide in some items. I have seen it vaporized and sprayed on cardboard sheets to get the shiny surface on a Coors light package. I have seen it made into lightweight arrows instead of wood. I have seen it made into drinking cans and engine manifolds and heads, but in all these instances it is still in the metal form. Not a chemical form.

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Q: What is made with the chemical aluminum?
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What is the chemical formula for an aluminum can?

An aluminum can is made up of the pure substance, aluminum. This means that it has the chemical formula of Al. The surface of aluminum does oxidize, so it will have the formula Al2O3.

What is the chemical formula for a compound made of entirely aluminum and oxygen?


Chemical symbol for aluminum sulfide?

The chemical formula for aluminum sulfide is Al2S3.

What is the chemical symbol for aluminum?

Aluminum (or aluminium) has Al as its chemical symbol.

What kind of chemical are rubys made of?

Aluminum oxide, known in geology as the mineral corundum.

Does aluminum have a chemical formula?

Aluminum in itself does not have a chemical formula, because chemical formulas are only used for compounds, and Aluminum does not have a chemical formula - only a symbol (which can be found on the periodic table of elements).

What will happen if utensils used for fermentation and pickling are made of aluminum?

They disintegrate, the aluminum is sent into a chemical reaction separating it's molecules and breaking them down

What is the formula of aluminum?

The chemical symbol for aluminum is Al.

What is the chemical name for aluminum and chlorine?

Aluminum Chloride

What is the chemical formula of an ionic compound of aluminum and chlorine be?

The chemical formula of aluminum chloride is AlCl3.

What is aluminum hydroxide chemical formula?

Aluminum hydroxide chemical formula is Al(OH)3.

Is aluminum oxide an element or compound?

=Yes Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 IS a compound a chemical substance consisting of two or more chemical elements.=