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If you are speaking of a car with traction control, it is the car letting you know the wheels are slipping and it has entered into traction control mode.

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Q: What is low track?
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What is the low track light on buick century 2000?

Low Traction

Can low voltage track lighting be dimmed?


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Yes, as long as it is just incandescent bulb lighting connected to the track. If there is a transformer between the voltage source from the track and the light bulb (e.g. low voltage quartz bulbs) then these fixtures can not be dimmed.

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If you have filled up the tire pressure on your car why doesn't the light go off and track off low track and the amber ABS warning lights are on how do you fix it?

you need to take it to a shop

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Why does steering wheel wobbles while driving at low speed?

Unbalanced wheels or a bent track rod

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Low voltage track lightings are becoming more popular with bars, restaurants and hotels. They provide a much nicer light than the usual bright and look no different to the high voltage ones. They use less voltage and are greener for the environment.

What is the easiest way to track a car?

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Track and sector markings are written to a hard drive before it leaves the factory in a process called?

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Can you use energy efficient bulbs with track lighting?

It's a question of matching the track and the bulb, so long as they use the same compatible terminals they should be ok - that is provided your bulbs are for the same voltage as the track supplies. If your track is supplied through a transformer to give a low voltage, then you must use bulbs designed for that voltage, whatever their energy usage.

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The standard distance will depend upon the railroad. However, in the US, a typical wayside signal is placed with its center 15 feet from the track. This provides adequate clearance for multiple types of signals and trains. Railroads also have "low signals" that can be placed very close to the tracks, as they fit under the "clearance envelope" for the train cars. These low signals have limited use and are not used on main line track.

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