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The longest football pass ever recorded was about 103 yards.

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Q: What is longest pass in football?
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What is the longest college football pass?

99 years

The longest pass with a Nerf football?

however hard you kick it

What was longest football pass without yards after catch college and pro?


What was the longest pass thrown in football?

83 yards by don meridith to bob Hayes

Who has the best distance football throw?

What is the Distance a longest pass in football has ever been? What is the average college quarterback's pass? Is there an actual record book on this type of question?

Who holds longest pass record in football?

11 people have done it most recently gus frerotte to bernard berrian

What is the longest pass record in football?

There have been many TD passes in NFL history that have covered 110 yds . Those are passes with yards after catch. According to the NFL, the longest pass with no YAC was an 83 yard pass from Don Meredith to Bob Hays. Outside of an official NFL game, it is reported that Terry Bradshaw once threw a pass from goal line to goal line (100 yds in the air) at a football camp in Louisiana. The longest collegiate "in the air" pass is recorded as 96 yards, on two separate occasions.

Which sports practices the longest football or basketball?


What was the longest pass in Super Bowl XLV?

the longest pass in super bowl 45 was 31 YDS

What was the distance of the longest pass in super bowl XLVI?

The longest completed pass was 38 yards by the Giants

In a football game What is the longest yards a football been thrown?

93 yards is the longest thrown yardage in history

What is the longest distance a football has been kicked in any code of football?

The longest kick ever in football was done by Tom Dempsey 63 yards

What is the longest professional football rivarly?

the Packers and the Bears are the longest rivalery

What was the longest pass of Super Bowl XLIV?

Peyton Manning's 40 yard pass to Austin Collie was the longest pass of Super Bowl 44.

Longest college football winning streak?

universality of Wisconsin-Whitewater has the longest winning streak in all of college football

What is A pass that is not caught in football?

An incomplete pass

What is the longest throw of a football?

the longest throw ever recorded was 1 mile

Five college football players share the record for the longest pass How many yards is the record pass The answer is a palindromic number Each digit is a square?

I'm tryna find it too , for my stupid math trivia....

Longest pass reception?

99 yards

What is longest pass in playoff history?


What was the longest pass in Super Bowl XLII?

Longest completion: Eli Manning pass to Kevin Boss for 45 yards in the fourth quarter.

On a forward pass can the football hit the ground and still be complete in Canadian football?

No, it is ruled an incomplete pass

What pass is the most accurate pass in football?

The spiral pass is the most accurate.

What was the longest run in a football game?

for a cowboy its was tony dorsett 99yd run for a td the longest rushing play possible in football is 99 yards...

What is Brett Favres longest pass?

His longest completed pass went 99 yards to Robert Brooks for the Packers against the Bears in the 1995 season.