What is Liverpool's nickname?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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A person from Liverpool is called a scouse or a scouser. Sometimes you will hear Liverpool called Scouseland.

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There are many nicknames for LFC fans. However, the most common is Kopites. I know because I am one. Your first answer was 'Scoucers', which should of been spelt as 'Scousers'. However, this is a term for a person from Liverpool, and not necessarily a Liverpool supporter.

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You could argue they are mostly called 'Scousers' like the rest of the city's residents, but they are mostly known as 'Kopites' after the famous Spion Kop stand.

Although this is the generic name for all fans, residents in the other stands are also known as 'Kemlynites' and 'Anny Roaders', being named after the Kemlyn Road (now called Centenary Stand) and Anfield Road stands respectively.

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Q: What is Liverpool's nickname?
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