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£50 million out for Fernando Torres winter transfer 2011 and £35 million in for Andy Carrol 2011 winter transfer

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Q: What is liverpools highest transfer fee?
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What is the highest paid transfer fee paid for an English player?

The highest transfer fee for a English footballer is 35 million pounds for Andy Carrol.

What player had the highest transfer fee paid?

Cristiano Ronaldo at £80m

Who are the Top ten highest transfer fee paid?

What is the highest Scottish football transfer fee paid?

It was tore Andre flo for 12.5M

What is the highest transfer fee paid for an English player in English Premier League?

The highest transfer fee paid for an English player in the English Premier League was for Raheem Sterling. The total fee added up to a sum of 49 million pounds and, also involved a move from Liverpool to Manchester City.

What is is arsenals highest transfer fee?

Arsenal dont spend heavily on players, so the highest ever spent is on Anderi Arshavan

Whats the highest British football transfer fee paid?

Andriy Shevchenko - 30m Pounds

What is the highest transfer fee currently paid in soccer?

The highest paid soccer fee for a single player is, 80 Million Pounds by Real Madrid to Manchester United for Christiano Ronaldo in 2009

What is Liverpools highest score v Crystal Palace?

0-9. 12-Sep-1989.

What is liverpools highest vscore against man united?

4-1 ......In 2008/2009 season :)

Is transfer fee a dependent clause?

No, "transfer fee" is a noun.

What is the cost to transfer plates in IL?

The fee for Transfer Only is $15, and the fee for Title and Transfer is $80. ($65 title fee, $15 transfer fee)Source: