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There's no telling. The BMX is probably smaller, so it should be lighter. OTOH they're often amazingly chunkily built and can be surprisingly heavy.

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Q: What is lighter bmx bike or dirt jump bike?
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Who did the first double backflip on a bmx bike on a dirt jump?

Troy Sircombe

Is a bmx lighter than a street bike?

A street bike is a type of BMX bike, so your question can't be answered.

Can you get a bmx bike on grand theft auto iv?

no but you can get a dirt bike or a cruiser bike or a speed bike but i havnt seen a bmx bike yet.

Is 27 pounds heavy for a bmx bike?

Yes, you will want a lighter bmx bike if you're thinking of competing.

What can you use a bmx bike for?

freestyle, dirt, street

What is the best bmx bike for dirt?

if you want a bike for trails and dirt go for an eastern trail digger or a fit bike

What is the difference between a dirt bike and BMXing?

dirt bikes you twist throttle bmx you pedle. dirtbikes you have a motor not in bmx

What bike is best an bmx or mountain bike or an jump bike?

Depends on what type of riding you want to do. For BMX-type stunts - get a BMX. For going some serious distances both on and off-road - get a MTB. Don't really know what you mean by jump bike.

Are bmx racing bikes the same as a normal bmx bike?

A true race bike is probably lighter, and may have another brake set up than a "normal" BMX. also you might have different parts that make the bike itself heavier, like if you are comparing a street or dirt bike to a race bike the back rim on the street/dirt bike the axle is going to 14mm instead of 3/8 axle, but other than that theres really nothing but gearing

What is it called when you bmx with a mountain bike?

You're probably thinking of "Dirt riding" or "Dirt Jumping".

Are dirt bikes and bmx the same thing?

No, a dirt bike is an off road motorcycle while a BMX is a bicycle set up for Bicycle motocross

Should you buy a BMX or a Jump bike?

it matters what you are going to use it for

Does a lighter bmx bike really give you a higher bunny hop?


Is the dmr swarm stem meant for bmx's?

no bmx bikes hndelbars are 22.2 mm and mtb dirt jump are 25.4 mm. the dmr swarm stem is ment for mtb dirt jump bikes (25.4)

What is the lightest bmx bike in the world?

the lightest bmx bike is from KHE in Germany they make a bike that weighs lighter than the eastern grim reaper. The bike from khe weighs in at about 19.6lbs. The bike is the Maceto Pro 2012 you can see the bike at

Can you use bmx grips as dirt bike grips?

it may be a snug fit but it is doable

What are some dirt bike games one can play?

HubPage offers a dirt bike game that can be played online. There are also games at BMX Bike Games, Addicting Games, and Super Games. One can also find games to buy at Amazon or the BMX website.

Is a bmx bike lighter than a mountain bike?

As a general rule if two bikes are in the same price range, the smaller of the two will be lighter. This because there is less material used in the smaller BMX due to it's much simpler construction. But, when you head for the high end, a flatland or racing bike is going to be much lighter compared to a mountain bike.

Where can one watch videos of BMX dirt bike racing?

Break's website has a few videos of BMX dirt bike racing but Youtube actually has the best collection since they are both easy to load and some include the entire race.

Are all bmx bikes the same?

No. First there are differences between intended usage, a race bike is lighter and not as strong as a vert/dirt bike. Then there are difference between brands, some preferring certain characteristics, other preferring something else.

Is a redline 340 bmx bike lighter than most redline bmx bikes?

The RL340, while lighter than Redlines' low end BMX bikes, doesn't quite tiptoe past the scales like the Proline Series and the Flight Series bicycles. But, the RL340 is an incredibly durable bike for the money.

Are amber bmx bikes jump bike?

they are more stunt bikes but if you want to do more jumping on and of you should buy a trial bike

What shop can you find a bmx bike?

you can find a BMX bike in halfords

Is a thruster rampage a good bmx bike?

The bmx thruster rampage bike is a exellent bike

What bmx bike should you get black eye renegade or dk siklon?

The Black Eye Renegade is a much better bike. It is lighter and more durable.