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Most Swimming Pools are either 50m or 25m in length, in feet these are 164 feet and 82 feet respectively

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Q: What is length of swim lap in feet?
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What is the difference between a length and a lap in a pool?

Nothing really, to swim the length of the pool is to do one lap. To swim 2 lengths is to swim two laps, so on and so forth.

If Length of pool is 25 feet how many laps is a mile?

If the length of the pool is 25 feet then one lap of the pool equals 50 feet. Therefore, you would have to swim 105.6 laps to equal one mile.

What is the average time it takes to swim a lap in a pool?

Depends on the pool's length...

How many laps does it take to swim a mile in a 36 foot pool?

1 mile = 5280 feet 1 lap = 36 feet (1 lap = 1 length) 5280 / 36 = 146.66 laps This would seem a poor choice of pool to use for lap swimming.

Is One lap swim is round trip?

For whatever reason in swimming one lap is considered one length, when in reality one lap should be returning to where you started.

How may laps do you need to swim to make .5 a mile?

Depends on the length of the lap pool in question.

How many feet are in one swimming lap?

One length of an Olympic size swimming pool is 50mtrs or 164.041 feet, so a lap (2 lengths) would be 328.082 feet

How many lanes do I have to swim to swim a lap?

it depends on how long it is....but if its 8ft or more that's a lap

How long is 1 swimming length?

When a coach says 1 length, they usually mean lap of the pool. One lap could be 25 yards/meters, or 50 yards/meters. It depends of what pool you swim at.

What is lap swim?

lap swim is swimming from the starting place of the pool up to the other end of the pool. . .

How many feet for a lap it takes to swim in lap?

In a short course pool it is 25 meter and in a long pool or olympic size pool it is 50 meters. 25 meters= 82.02 feet. 50 meters= 164.04 feet. :0

How many 25 meter laps do you have to swim to equal a mile?

There are 1,609.344 meters in a mile. When 1 length = 1 lap, you would need to complete 64.3 laps to swim a mile.

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